Spring Flowers Nail Art TUTORIAL!!

    I think I kept you all waiting long enough. lol =) Here is the tutorial for how I did the flower design I posted a week or so ago. I think you will be happy to see how absolutely easy it is...

    Step 1
    Prep your nails with a white polish.

     Step 2
     Take a pink polish and gently tap the brush randomly on your nail.

    Step 3
     Repeat the same steps using a blue polish.

    Step 4
     Repeat the same steps with a purple polish.

    Step 5
     Repeat the same steps with a yellow polish.
    (At this point you want to make sure the white base color is covered)

    Step 6
    Take a green polish and use the brush to create small "V" and line shapes to create "leaves".

     Step 7
    Continue to add "leaves" to your nails, add a layer of top coat, and your done!

    So there you go. A super easy nail design that anyone can do. No special brushes or any percision needed. I hope everyone likes it! I have the products I used listed on the original post here. Feel free to use other colors to create a different look for this design. If you try this out, take pics and leave me some links in the comments. I'd love to see it! =)

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