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Typical French Mani with a twist....

    June 30, 2011

    Today I have the typical french manicure for you but with added flare. I was happy with the way it turned out and curious to know what you think of this mani....(P.S. Sorry for the red cuticles... some red/fuchsia polishes can be staining/hard to remove.. Right Brandy?!)

    Step 1: Using OPI Metro Chic, I painted on messy tips. I did not use stickers to define my tips. Once you put on the glitter polish, it hides the "unevenness". So save your time with the stickers. I did two coats on the tips. I have also included a photo with this color on my entire nail. This is a very soft purple/grey color. 

    Step 2: Put one THIN, layer of OPI It's Bouquet with Me on the entire nail. 

    Step 3: Place a generous amount of OPI It's Bouquet with Me on the tip of your nail (see photo to the right). Then smear the "ball" to cover your entire tip. You can add a second coat if you want. I did not in my final photos.

    Here is the final product again!!!!

Fellow nail bloggers... I have a question for you...

    June 29, 2011

    Lets talk..... nail polish collection storage....

    Does anyone have a post about how they store their nail polish collection? I am seriously outgrowing my current storage idea, and I have no clue what to do next. I am not talking about just the polish, but the stickers, polish remover, cotton pads, stamping plates, dotting tools, etc.....please share your storage solutions with me. I need something I can grow into as well. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Purple Swirl...

    June 28, 2011

    I think this design would look great with any combination of colors. I choose darker colors because I like my patterns to pop.

    I used two coats of Sinful Colors Fiji for the base coat. Then I used Konad regular polish in pastel lavender (even though it looks pastel blue in the photo...darn flash...) and Konad stamping plate (m78) to stamp on the pattern! This manicure was very simple and fast to do...

    I hope you like it as much as I did! Let me know what you would like to see in my next designs!

Italy summer 2011, the best gallery of nail design from Alimc-pinklady

    Crazy nail style for the summer 2011

                                                     style beads.... for nail design

Monday Madness...

    June 27, 2011 Monday Madness

    I have noticed that fellow nail bloggers dedicate one or more days a week to a specific theme such as blues Monday (where the nail design features blue...check out this blog http://apolishedtouch.blogspot.com/),  nail tips of the day/week (check out this blog http://nailstonic.blogspot.com/), or share with you Sunday (where the blogger shares a piece of her life with her followers... check out this blog http://imperfectlypainted.blogspot.com/). I thought I would start something similar since it is a really good idea. On Mondays, I will dedicate the day to posting a new nail trend or unique nail design idea that is new to me and hopefully my followers. Let me know what you think of this idea...

    So today's Monday Madness features textured nails!!!!   

    This design is new to me, and I can NOT wait to try it. Most of us are familiar with the matte finishes. Well textured nails combine the matte and shiny finishes...  Or you could just add a second layer on top of the shiny or matte finish--kinda creating a layered/raised nail design. Check out these pics I found on the web. I am not a fan of the design in this picture but you get the idea of what a textured nail looks like. Has anyone tried it before?

    This picture was featured in this article: http://www.beautyriot.com/makeup-beauty/9-new-nail-things-try-g7601-page2

    This article also demonstrates eight other unique design ideas!! Check them out!

Cute New Nail Art Designs & Overdue Update

    Sorry I have been MIA from the blogisphere lately and kept you girls hanging for like a month. lol I was super busy with my finals at school but I did pass & graduate! *Yay* But now that all of that is over and I have my head on straight, I can continue to blogging. Other than that my camera decided to stop working. (I think I need a new charger) So I haven't been able to snap pics of my nail designs since my last post. I've tried taking pics with my phone but the quality sucks- so my only other option was borrowing my Mom's camera, but I can't hang on to it- so needless to say, taking pics has proved to be quite difficult lol. I am going to Best Buy tomorrow though to see if there is anything they can do.  On the flip side- I figured out why my camcorder wasn't reading my SD cards- so with that problem out of the way, I can start filming tutorials again. Of course, I wouldn't leave all that time without having some nail art designs to show you! I am going to have to edit this post with the products I used so I don't have to keep you waiting any longer, but if there is something in particular you want to know the name of, leave a comment!

    There is another mani or two that I need to post, the pics are on my phone so once I email them to myself, I'll post them for you.

    In other news
    someone is stealing my blog posts!!
    Check out the link above. After looking at her blog- you will be able to see that she took several of my blog posts. Not only did she use my pics without asking, linking me back, or at least giving me ANY credit, she copy and pasted my posts WORD FOR WORD! I bet you will find some other nail blogger's posts on there as well. This is one of the main reasons I watermark my pics- so if someone does use them without giving me credit, people can still find my blog. Don't get me wrong though, I love it & I am actually flattered when my followers like my nail art so much they can't help but to share my designs. Which is A-okay with me because they always at least link back. But I am not cool with someone who has been on my blog, likes it enough to take the time to copy & paste my posts, save my pics, update their blog, but they can't take 2 seconds to leave me a comment or at least LINK ME BACK! All my other fellow nail bloggers know how much time, effort, and money it takes for us to run our blogs, keep posting, keeping the content up to date, answering comments, etc. - so it is definitely discouraging when someone steals something you put so much time into. The other thing is- this girl has NO way of contacting her through her blog, so if anyone knows a way I can get around that or how I can report her, please let me know in the comments. IF NAILARTBEAUTIFUL IS READING THIS PLEASE REMOVE MY WORK FROM YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Other than that- I will have more posts, update my poll question, update my NOTW, & some other fun stuff by the end of this week. Has anyone planned out their 4th of July nails yet?? I think I figured out what I will be doing and I am thinking of filming a tutorial with it! =)

High heels are a girl's best friend...

TrueBlood Inspired Makeup-- Crying Blood

    I love the show TrueBlood...then again I love alot of things that are vampire related.We bought season 3 of TrueBlood and had a DVD Marathon...afterwards I felt the need to come up with a Makeup look inspired by the show...so tonight I did

    Here is the Look

    If you have watched the show you know what happens to Vampires when they cry...well here you go..

    I thought the look was nice before..but i loved it so much more with the blood...lol

    Products used

    Sugarpill cosmetics - pressed eyeshadows in Tako and love Plus
    Elf -single black eyeshadow
    NYX -jumbo pencil in black
    Urban Decay primer
    Wet n Wild- black pencil eyeliner
    Make-Up Studio - Ruby Red
    Mascara- Pupa Diva's Lashes

    And Fake blood

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