Disney Babies-Mickey & Minnie Mouse inspired Nail Art

    Do you know Robin Moses from youtube ? well she did a recent nail art design on  Mickey & Minnie Mouse ... i got very inspired by it and it gave me an idea do also do a Mickey & Minnie Mouse design but instead of coping her work I wanted to do it my way...So I did Disney Babies

    this is the design I did

    Now when i first started this design i had a WHOLE different idea...Mickey and Minnie were the same but i had a totally different plan for the rest of the nails...and half way through the design i decided to re-do the other nails and this is what i ended up with...i feel it was a fail but at the same time it worked out

    I did a tutorial on this...i wasnt sure if i would just because of my screw up half way through so the tutorial isnt all the detailed with every step i took but it covers the basic info i guess....if you would like to watch well then please do!!

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