Typical French Mani with a twist....

    June 30, 2011

    Today I have the typical french manicure for you but with added flare. I was happy with the way it turned out and curious to know what you think of this mani....(P.S. Sorry for the red cuticles... some red/fuchsia polishes can be staining/hard to remove.. Right Brandy?!)

    Step 1: Using OPI Metro Chic, I painted on messy tips. I did not use stickers to define my tips. Once you put on the glitter polish, it hides the "unevenness". So save your time with the stickers. I did two coats on the tips. I have also included a photo with this color on my entire nail. This is a very soft purple/grey color. 

    Step 2: Put one THIN, layer of OPI It's Bouquet with Me on the entire nail. 

    Step 3: Place a generous amount of OPI It's Bouquet with Me on the tip of your nail (see photo to the right). Then smear the "ball" to cover your entire tip. You can add a second coat if you want. I did not in my final photos.

    Here is the final product again!!!!

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