I found my long lost SD card and I can finally post the pics of the nail art designs I did around 2 months ago. lol. But hey, it is still technically winter so these designs are still wearable. I used Orly's "Winter Wonderland" which was a tad sheer after two coats, so I used a white base color to make the polish more opaque. The products are listed in the order I used them below ...

    Base White Color: Sinful Colors "Tokyo Pearl" (1 coat)
    2nd White Color: Orly "Winter Wonderland" (2 coats)
    Snowflake Image: BM 14 (Bundle Monster)
    Black Stamping Color: Konad Special Polish "Black Pearl"

O.P.I Katy Perry MINI collection

    Ok so i had to have this collection so i ended up ordering it off line because no where near me sells O.P.I polishes.
    It didnt take to long in shipping so when i saw my package I got all excited...but then i opened it up and my jaw dropped!

    I knew i had bought the Mini set so i knew the bottles would be small...but DAMN!! they are TINY!!

    so here are the polishes i bought -- i blocked out the name because i put the polishes back in the box in the wrong order

    so the names starting from left to right are

    Not like the movies
    Last friday night
    Teenage drama
    The one that got away

    So i took a photo of one of the bottles next to my thumb just to show exactly how small they are

    And here is each color on a nail with a top coat on - photo was taken in natural sunlight


    So what are my thoughts on these...... well the colors are pretty BUT i thought with this being the Katy Perry collection that the colors would be more bold , bright and in your face but they arent..about the only one i feel that way about would be Teenage Drama...dont get me wrong these are beautiful colors but as a collection for Katy i think its a fail...maybe i will feel different after i try the with the black shatter polish (ordered on line and waiting on it) but for right now im glad i only bought the Mini set


Pink-glitter french white tribal nail-design

Orange blue white nail-design crazy design

Before and after effect nail-design with uv-gel

Beige simply long nails

French white and pink flower nail-design

Nail-design white french

Lila-glitter white tribale nail-design

Candy-pink nail-design

Blue-white-black stripes nail-design

Crazy pink,blue nails by Alimc-Pinklady

Party sangria red nail-design

Red nails nail-design

    Red nails in trendy.................

Sharing some news

    So where to begin

    Well I havent been feeling right for a little while and it was a feeling i have felt I thought maybe I should confirm my suspicions I did

    I didnt think i could be so you can imagine my shock when I discovered that i am in fact

    yes Im pregnant with my 4th child

    I thought i was done...i have already been blessed with 3 wonderful kids...but i guess a higher power has other plans for me and my

    I just found out...havent been to the doctors yet but come Monday I will be making an appointment

    But I just wanted to share my news with you all


vip nails by Alimc-pinklady

Before and after effect nail-design with uv-gel

    Before natural nails........

    Natural nails filling withUv-gel ...........

    After effect nails with uv-gel.

    Nail-design by Alimc-pinklady

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