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    Bedeutung der Farbe Weiß
    Physikalisch ist Weiß die Summe aller Farben. Weiß hat keinen negativen Zusammenhang, so ist sie die vollkommenste Farbe. Weiß symbolisiert: Licht ...

Geschichte des künstlichen Fingernagels

    Geschichte des künstlichen Fingernagels und der Nagelpflege
    Die Geschichte des künstlichen Fingernagels und der Fingernagelpflege

    Die Pflege und das Färben der Nägel gehörten bereits bei den alten Ägyptern zur Tradition.

    Pharao Narmer ließ sich schon 3500 v.Chr. Die Nägel, Handflächen und die Fußsohlen mit Henna färben.

    In Arabien und Ägypten wurde neben Henna auch ein kupferfarbener Lack aus dem Sekret einer Insektenart als Nagelfarbe verwendet. Die adligen Chinesen bevorzugten die Farben Gold und Silber. Schwarz und Rot war nur für das Kaiserhaus reserviert.

    Feine Ägypterinnen und andere Orientalinnen der Antike investieren besonders viel Zeit in die Maniküre.

    Funde beweisen, dass die Damen der Antike sogar über gut ausgestattete und luxuriöse Maniküre-Sets verfügten.

    Ab dem 17. Jahrhundert wurde erst wieder über Fingernägel berichtet.

    Die orientalischen Frauen haben sich nun organische Farbstoffe in das Nagelbett injiziert, um sich vorgefärbte Nägel wachsen zu lassen.

    Die Frauen in Europa hingegen widmen sich lieber gymnastischen Übungen, um ein zierliches Handgelenk und eine ideale Handform zu erhalten – intensive Beschäftigung mit den Fingernägeln empfinden die Europäerinnen als überflüssig.

    In Europa machte erst der französische König Louis-Philippe die Maniküre populär: um 1830 ließ er sich regelmäßig die Fingernägel richten.

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Lila flower french nail-design by Alimc-pinklady

Red with marmor style nail-design is trendy

    Red nails is trendy.......

Silver-pink glitter french nail-design

Glamour Doll Eyes Review on the 80's Child Eyeshadow Collection

    This review isnt on the entire 80's child collection,It will be on the 4 shadows I have from it...Vanity,Berrywood,Jerrica and Romper.

    Each shadow will be $9.00 each or $72.00 for the entire collection of 10 shadows

    I was very excited to receive these eyeshadows!...the colors are bold and bright which i LOVE!!

    All colors in the collection are unique to Glamour Doll Eyes,Collect them all or just get the ones you like!

    This collection is a special one..NOT a limited one...every shadow in this collection is in 10g jars (the other shadow jars are only 5g)

    And how CUTE is the label for the 80's child collection!!

    Here are Photo's,swatches and custom made Acrylic photo's of each color I have.For the swatches I used different bases so you see for your self how they look

    Inspired by the Smurfs...more specifically the Smurf named Vanity who likes to carry a mirror around with himself. The show ran from 1981-1990

    this color is a bright blue with silver sparkles

    This was the one i was most excited about and i wasnt disappointed!! such a beautiful vibrant color!

    And here is the acrylic mix i made with this color...

    This shadow is approved for ..Eyes,Face,Lips and Nails

    Ingredients-Mica,Titanium Dioxide,Iron Oxide,Tin Oxide,Zinc Oxide,Blue #1 Lake,Hydrogenated,Polybutene,Palmitic Acid,Methyl Paraben,Propylparaben and Butyparaben


    Inspired by My Little Pony...more specifically the pony named Romper.
    The toys came out in 1981 and are still available today!

    This color is a baby purple with lots of pink undertones

    Safe for - Eyes,Face and Nails.

    Ingredients - Mica,Titanium Dioxide,Iron Oxide,Tin Oxide,Zinc Oxide,Carmine and Ferric Ferrocyanide


    Inspired by the show Jem...It was a show back in 1985-1988 was about a Music company owner named Jerrica who had an alter ego named Jem,who was in a band called Holograms.

    this color is vibrant yellow with pink and blue sparkles.

    This is a beautiful yellow FULL of sparkle!

    I have to say i LOVE this color with a black base!!

    And it also makes for a fantastic acrylic color...SOOO sparkly!

    safe for - Eyes,Face,Lips and Nails

    Ingredients - Mica,Titanium Dioxide,Hydrogenated Polyisobutene,Palmitic Acid,Yellow 5 lake,Tin Oxide,Carmine,Iron Oxide,Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate and Silica

    and lastly....


    Inspired by Strawberry Shortcake.
    It ran from started off being used for greeting cards but then expanded into dolls and posters shortly after

    the color is -Matte (not completely Matte) pinkiesh purple with pink sparkles throughout.

    safe for -Eyes,Face and Nails

    Ingretients - Manganese Violet (Pigment Violet 16),Zinc Oxide,Titanium Dioxide,Mica,Magnesium Stearate,Ultramarines,Pigment Red 259,Tin Oxide and Carmine.

    My opinion on these colors

    Vanity would have to be my favorite...very bold and rich in color..pops amazingly on the eyelids!!

    Jerrica would be my second just oozes with sparkles!! a very beautiful yellow!

    Romper is very shimmery and applies very nicely as do Vanity and Jerrica.if you like purple you would be crazy not to add Romper to your collection!

    And lastly Berrywood....a very pretty color,pink though is not really my color but if you like pink im sure you would be very happy with it...i do however LOVE it as an acrylic for nails!...and i can say the same for all 4 colors..they all make amazing colors for Acrylics!!

    I wasnt disappoint with any of these colors...all apply smoothly,the colors really do stand out and you dont have to use much product to get the color pay off you want.They blended wonderfully into one another and stayed on my lid very nicely and didnt crease on me! The colors where still vibrant on my lids after a few hours.Value wise i think it is a great price..10g as opposed to 5g for only $9...very good deal!!  

    Here is a makeup look i did wearing all 4 colors

     And here is another photo of all the 4 shadows made into acrylic's

    Here is a link to Glamour Doll Eyes website ... go check out this collection as well as all their other shadows...they have a beautiful selection and Im sure you will find something you will fall in love with... 

    I was sent these shadows..I didnt pay for them.This is an honest review.I would NEVER lie...i hate being lied to so i would never to it to you!

Lila-black tribale design by Alimc-pinklady

Lila nail-design by Alimc-pinklady

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French silver nail-design

Nail Art for Breast Cancer Awareness

    This month is breast cancer awareness month and is a very special time of year for me because my mother is a survivor!! In honor of my mother and all those who have survived I created my own version of Nail art. It doesnt have the pink ribbon but I wanted to put my own twist on it...

    what I used

    Finger paints polish- Hue left a message
    kiss- white striping nail art
    baby pink beads
    and a baby pink acrylic also a dark pink acrylic


    I will have a Tutorial on my YouTube channel soon for this design if anyones interested.

       --    --
       --    --
      ---    ---
     ---      ---
    --           --
    --           --
    --           --
    -              -

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