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    Dark reds to maroon hues,reflecting the tones of autumnal berries,are the shades of Pluto-ruled Scorpio.These blood-red hues,although less vibrant than Arian crimson or scarlet,signify a warmth that holds strong undercurrents of heat.Scorpionic colors are sociable and active ,with an undercurrent of mystery.Black is also owned by Scorpio.Scorpio colors give power,strength,and sociability,exuding sexual as well as dynamic change to those in its path.


    Red is the color of the red planet Mars. This is the color of love, fertility, and energy. It signals action and can keep you alert or provide extra courage when needed. Like Aries, seeing the color red gives strength of will and can act as a pick-me-up when depressed. Wearing red will actually raise your temperature and increase body heat, possibly because it is linked to raising blood pressure and circulation. It is good for those who are anemic, but not advisable for those with high blood pressure, as red acts as a stimulant and releases adrenaline into bloodstream. Red acts as a detoxifier for the psyche as well as the body and can help fight infection.

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