Silver black nails (Pokerface)

Nail-design tribale style

Makeup inspired by a tattoo

    So a friend of mine on YouTube Kat..a.k.a.gboottee is doing a contest and i had told her awhile back i would enter...

    I spent forever searching tattoo's but this one was the one i fell in love it''

    I have 6 tattoo's myself...and they are all tribal ..i love tribal tattoo's!

    And so here is what i did....

    I love how it turned out!!

    i thought i would add a  pic of one of my tattoo's :)

    it needs to be redone and have more added to it.

White-pinkglitter style nail-design by Alimc-pinklady

Pink-flower nail-design

White-flower Nail-design

Black-white Nails

Black nail-design

Nail-design symply lila flower

Bundle Monster Nail Art | Fall / Autumn 2010 Nail Art

    This purple polish is new to my collection. It is from Sally Hansen's Insta Dry Fast line in "Pronto Purple."OMG this is one of the prettiest purples in my opinion. I really really should of took pictures of this color by itself before I started designing them, but I will add a swatch I found at the end of this post. My only complaint about this nail polish was it was kinda thick and goopy. Some nails the application was very nice, and on others it wasn't such a good experience. lol But it is such a pretty color that I was going to make it work. I have the products I used listed below in the order I used them ..

    Base (Purple) Color: Sally Hansen "Pronto Purple"
    Sheer Purple Glitter Color: Pure Ice "Busted"
    Leaf Image: BM 04
    Light Stamping Color: Pure Ice "Feeling Hot"
    Pink Stamping Color: Pure Ice "Love"

    And here is the swatch I found courtesy of Steph's Closet.

Pretty Pedicure

    Base Color: Pure Ice "Feeling Hot"
    Glitter Color: Hard Candy "Break Up"

    I bought 3 new nail polishes yesterday. 1 of the 2 was Hard Candy in "Break Up" which is a clear polish with large holographic hexagon like glitter. Whenever I get a new nail polish, I do a few swatches on a paper plate and do a few tests runs to figure out which combinations I like best. This polish's glitter has a different effect with each nail polish you put under it. I like this combination the best since I felt like they complimented eachother very well. There is a little bit of a rough texture after this nail polish dries, but I was still able to stamp over it.

Halloween SFX- Facial Burn

    Yes i have done another SFX burn,im having so much fun doing them!!..this time i did it do my here is a photo of what i ended up doing...

    I also have a tutorial on how i created this look...however im not to happy with my video..the lighting is not right and to me kinda ruins the whole look for me...but if you are interested in seeing it is the link..


Another halloween SFX burn

    So today i got inspired by the one and only Goldiestarling .You can find her on both Youtube and Twitter. If you dont know who she is you are missing out!! amazingly talented woman!

    here is a link to her youtube channel

    But today i saw one of her new videos on creating burns using latex and tissue paper.I have heard of people doing it that way before but she showed you so well how to do it i couldnt help but NOT do it,so i did.

    It took awhile to do mainly because of the wait time for the latex to dry but it was really fun creating it the way i wanted and now that i have successfully recreated what she did ..i have a bunch of other gross things in mind to do!!

    And so here is what i created.....

    for the coloring i used my MUFE 12 flash color,white and black,then to smooth out the color on the edges i just used some of my skin tone liquid foundation.

Doggy Manicure

    My momma dukes came over earlier today and in the midst of playing around with my nail polish collection, we came up with the great idea to make Sassy, our beautiful black lab just a little more beautiful. lol We took a pink chrome color for NYC and quickly painted her little claws. You can tell Sassy loved them because she was prancing around proudly afterwards. haha. Of course she scampered off while I tried to take pictures, but I did manage to get some lol. Here you go ....

Nail-design White-flower classic

Rosa flower nail-design Uv-gel

Trendy news 2010 red nails

Blue nails trendy 2010 and Signs of the zodiac

    Signs of the zodiac Deutsch Englisch

    STEINBOCK (22. Dezember - 20. Januar)

    positive Eigenschaften: beschützend, entschlossen, ernsthaftig, schweigsam, scharfsinnig

    negative Eigenschaften: hartherzig, eigensinnig, pessimistisch
    CAPRICORN (December 22nd - January 20th)

    positive traits: persevering, determined, serious, taciturn, shrewd

    negative traits: hard-hearted, obstinate, pessimistic
    WASSERMANN (21. Januar - 19. Februar)

    positive Eigenschaften:
    nett, zuverlässig, loyal

    negative Eigenschaften:
    aufbrausend, emotionslos
    AQUARIUS (January 21st - February 19th)

    positive traits:
    kind, reliable, loyal

    negative traits:
    furious, umemotional
    FISCHE (20. Februar - 20. März)

    positive Eigenschaften:
    sensibel, friedlich, fröhlich, warmherzig

    negative Eigenschaften:
    vertäumt, unruhig, kein Selbstbewusstsein
    PISCES (February 20th - March 20th)

    positive traits:
    sensitive, placid, cheerful, warm-hearted

    negative traits:
    dreamy, restless, lack of self-confidence
    WIDDER (21. März - 20. April)

    positive Eigenschaften:
    tapfer, willensstark, fleißig, risikofreudig

    negative Eigenschaften: missmutig, ungeduldig, gewaltbereit
    ARIES (March 21st - April 20th)

    positive traits:
    courageous, strength of will, industrious, enterprising

    negative traits:
    moody, impatient, violent-tempered
    STIER (21. April - 20. Mai)

    positive Eigenschaften:
    selbstbewusst, standhaft, voller Energie, sauber, nett

    negative Eigenschaften:
    hartnäckig, unnachsichtig, übereifrig
    TAURUS (April 21st - May 20th)

    positive traits:
    self-confident, steadfast, energetic, tidy, kind

    negative traits:
    obstinate, unforgiving, excessive
    ZWILLINGE (21. Mai - 21. Juni)

    positive Eigenschaften:
    geschickt, humorvoll, überzeugend

    negative Eigenschaften:
    neugierig, unruhig, nervös, sorglos
    GEMINI (May 21st - June 21st)

    positive traits:
    skillful, humorous, persuasive

    negative traits:
    curious, restless, nervous, careless
    KREBS (22. Juni 22nd - 22. Juli)

    positive Eigenschaften: sensibel, vernünftig, liebt das Heim

    negative Eigenschaften:
    missmutig, reizbar, dominant
    CANCER (June 22nd - July 22nd)

    positive traits:
    sensitive, reasonable, home-loving

    negative traits:
    moody, irritable, domineering
    LÖWE (23. Juli - 23. August)

    positive Eigenschaften:
    selbstbewusst, mutig, aristokratisch, idealistisch

    negative Eigenschaften:
    impulsiv, dominant, genussbetont
    LEO (July 23rd - August 23rd)

    positive traits:
    self-confident, courageous, aristocratic, idealistic

    negative traits:
    impulsive, domineering, hedonistic
    JUNGFRAU (24. August - 23. September)

    positive Eigenschaften: sauber, arbeitsam, ruhig, leidenschaftliche Intelligenz

    negative Eigenschaften:
    fehlersuchend, schulmeisterisch, materialistisch
    VIRGO (August 24th - September 23rd)

    positive traits:
    tidy, industrious, calm, a keen intelligence

    negative traits:
    fault-finding, schoolmasterish, materialistic
    WAAGE (24. September - 23. Oktober)

    positive Eigenschaften:
    Gefühl für Schönheit, weise, hilfsbereit, freundlich

    negative Eigenschaften:
    launisch, gleichgültig, bequem
    LIBRA (September 24th - October 23rd)

    positive traits:
    a feeling for beauty, wise, helpful, friendly

    negative traits:
    erratic, indifferent, love of convenience
    SKORPION (24. Oktober - 22. November)

    positive Eigenschaften:
    Forscherdrang, entschlossen, arbeitsam

    negative Eigenschaften:
    nachsichtig, kein Selbstbewusstsein, zwanghaft, unnachsichtig
    SCORPIO (October 24th - November 22nd)

    positive traits:
    inquiring mind, determined, industrious

    negative traits:
    vindictive, lacking self-control, compulsive, unforgiving
    SCHÜTZE (23. November - 21. Dezember)

    positive Eigenschaften:
    offenherzig, großzügig, abenteuerlustig, risikofreudig

    negative Eigenschaften:
    unruhig, stur
    SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd - December 21st)

    positive traits:
    openhearted, charitable, adventurous, enterprising

    negative traits:
    restless, stubborn

    significances blue:

Nail-classic white Hello Kitty phone

Halloween SFX -Rigid collodion- old scar's

    I had bought some Rigid Collodion from mehron awhile back and i love this stuff!!...easiest way EVER to create scar's.
    I when it drys to shrinks and drags your skin with it to give it a sunken look...but if you use it day after day DO NOT apply it to the same place you did before...because when you take it off you have to pull it off and when you do that you take some skin with it...if you where to do it on the same spot day after day you could end up with a real mark on your face!!

    here is a scar i created with it

    forgive my ugliness
    ( 'c', )

    oh and i forgot to mention that this stuff is pretty cheap too!!

    If you are interested on seeing how i did this i do have a video tutorial uploaded on youtube

    heres the link....


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