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    Here in Italy (Puglia)

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    Seba....Ti voglio tanto bene;) un bacio Alimc-pinklady:)

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Rugged Warehouse Review

    I was planning on updating in just one post, but I am having difficulties formatting the post the way I want. Therefore, I will be posting multiple posts tonight.

    So I went to Rugged Warehouse about 2-3 weeks ago and bout a few things. If you do not have a Rugged Warehouse in your area, it is basically a store that buys name brand clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags for women, men, and children that have minor defects or simply did not sell their whole stock while they were in stores. By doing this, Rugged Warehouse is able to offer name brands at a low prices. If you are going to shop at Rugged Warehouse, I have 2 helpful suggestions for your shopping experience. The first is to thoroughly inspect the clothing or product before you buy it. Since RW has irregular or imperfect products, it is a good idea to try to find any defects before you purchase the item. Check the sewing of the seams to ensure they are intact, also make sure the seams are even. Also look for any stains or missing objects such as a button. Sometimes you can obviously point out the imperfection, if you cannot or you can fix the imperfection, than I would suggest buying it. The second piece of advice would be NOT to buy something just because it is cheap. I have lost count of how many shirts I bought from there that I thought were kinda cute just because it was soo cheap. What I thought was a good deal, actually turned out to be a waste of money. Also a general tip that I suggest to any shopper, is a rule I learned from TLC's "What Not to Wear." They calculate the PPW (Price Per Wear) for an article of clothing or accessory. Let's say you really love this $40, but that is a little out of your budget. If you wear that shirt 20 times a year, than you only paid $2 every time you wore it. In contrast, the okay shirt I bought from RW that I never wear, was actually more expensive in the long run because the PPW is the amount I paid for it. So I'll also add my PPW at the end of my pictures to give you an idea of how much the items really cost. Oooh yeah, my digital camera eventually broke a few weeks ago, it was about 5-6 years old lol. I have been taking pics with my phone, so sorry for any that are low quality. Anyway, this is what I bought ...

    Price = $6
    PPW = 3 times/$2 ... 6 times/$1 ... 12 times/$0.50
    Where = Rugged Warehouse

    This is just a simple tank top with a black and white floral print. The reason I bought this shirt was because of the colors, the cut and style, but my favorite part were the straps. They are the same lacey/doily material used for the trim, which gives it something a little extra. I am trying to only buy clothing that has something different or unique that you can't always find anytime you want. I hate seeing name brand $80 shirts that look like you could have bought it at any store for less than $20.

    Price = $10
    PPW = 2 times/$5 ... 5 times/$2 ... 10 times/$1
    Where = Rugged Warehouse

    I love these shoes!! I wish I could of taken a better picture of them. I really like dark brown leather and I have been looking for cute shoes with a chunky heel. When I saw these I knew I had to get them. They also have a lavender color on the inside which is super cute, even though you can't see it when your wearing them.

    Price = $10
    PPW = 2 times/$5 ... 5 times/$2 ... 10 times/$1
    Where = Rugged Warehouse
    Brand = Buckle
    This shirt is from Buckle and I believe it was originally about $40. It is allllmost long enough to be a dress, but it is just a little too short. Since it is a shirt, I think it is a smidge too long but I plan on just hemming the bottom. So no biggie, I still think it was a good deal.
    Overall, I think Rugged Warehouse does have some good deals. In the times that I have been there it is usually a hit or miss. I will either find a bunch of things, one thing, or nothing. In general, you will almost always find cute purses, jewelry, or lingerie; but finding cute clothes and shoes is not always as consistent.
    I also bought this really cute gold necklaces with hearts from Rampage, but I forgot to take the pic. =( I will edit this post though as soon as I get it though. =)

Pinki-marmor style nail-design

French white and lila stripes Nail design

Nail design in yellow,black,red glitter marmor style

Flash nail-design in april

Nail-design:Hello Kitty style

Pink nail-design by Ala-Liri

another prom dress that inspired me

    this is my second entry to lololicious69's prom nail art contest...i would love to own this dress...but i just dont the kind of body to fit it :(

prom dress inspired nail art-contest entry to lololicious69

Nail-design Happy easter:)

Nail-design in black and white

New nail-design by alimc-pinklady in april...

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