Zoya Charla + GOSH Rainbow

    August 31, 2011

    I am not too fond of my shorter nails in this photo, but oh well.....They need to be a tad bit longer (like they are currently!!!) I just generally like longer nails on me!

    This is two coats of Zoya Charla, which is amazing on its own. I have several other polishes that I think look EXACTLY like Zoya Charla, so I hope to do a comparison post this weekend. Also, I added one coat of GOSH Rainbow, which is an awesome orange flaky polish. I think the orange and blue paired together look awesome (in my opinion). 

    And before I removed the polish, I had to try something I seen on ANOTHER bottle of Polish?!. (Click here to view her blog. Its awesome!). I think my line of orange needs to be thinner. I used my polish brush because I was lazy. I should have used my thin paint brush, but again, this was just something I did before removing the polish because I was curious. I like the look but not with this manicure! Maybe too much orange haha!

Nail-design 2011

Konad Special Polish Swatches

    Since I have not yet received my false nails, I decided to swatch all my special polishes on paper for now. Sorry in advance for my craptastic manly looking hand writing X3

    And now for individual scrutinizing!

    I put black on black and white on white just because I can, obviously you cannot see them though :P The black is very crisp and so is the white.

    The yellow came out great on the black, I will definitely be able to use this if I wanted to do a star themed Koanding.

    The dark orange you can see somewhat on the black. This would be used on black best with a full nail design, I think. You cannot see wine red at all on the black, which was disappointing ;-; However, it is a beautiful shade of red.

    Violet pearl you can barely see on the black, it would not be worth it to do a design on black with it. It is a very nice purple though.

    Both the blue and the green you have to really focus in on to see them on the black.

    The light gray, which is just a really ugly pastel purple, you can see well on the black. Too bad it's not actually gray.

    I did not have trouble with any of the colors getting picked up by the stamp, they went on beautifully. However it is disappointing how many don't work over black. I have yet to see how they work over different colors but I hope they do because that is the only way they'll be wroth the price. I think once I use these up I might get pastel orange instead of dark orange, and not get the light gray at all. I also plan on picking up the brown and the hot pink special polishes in the future.

    If anyone would like to see a specific special polish over a specific color, I would be happy to swatch it for you, just ask. I know these are expensive and people do want want to just throw money at them without knowing what they're getting. Once I get my false nails we will really see how they work!

Konad Special Polishes!

    I finally received my special polishes in the mail today! :) I'm so excited to use them.

    From left to right-
    Wine Red
    Dark Orange
    Violet Pearl
    Clear Top Coat
    Light Gray?

    I ordered light gray but that is clearly purple to me...I think they might have sent pastel purple to me instead but I can't find any swatches of the gray so I don't know if it's supposed to look like that or not :S I really wanted the gray though so I e-mailed the place I ordered them from. Hopefully they fix the problem, unless the gray is meant to be pastel purple lol. If anyone could tell me, that would be great.

    Swatches will be up tomorrow most likely :) And as soon as time permits, lots of pretty nail designs.

    I also picked up these two polishes while I was at Target today. I can cross one of the polishes I wanted off my list (the one I had in the previous post). The polishes are both NYC and the first is Mulberry Street (shimmery cream color :3) and the second is Starry Silver Glitter. I can't wait until it's Christmas time so I can use the latter for a topcoat on some Konaded snowflakes. That's immediately what I thought of when I saw it.

Nail Art Challenge: Wallpaper/Background Inspired - Abstract Konad Nail Art & Tutorial!!

    Here is a mani that I did a few weeks ago. I really wish that I was able to get a better picture of this beautiful design. I was using my Mom's camera and the pics looked really good, until I got them on the computer and saw that 98% of them were blurry, which is usually not the case with her camera. I also got my camera back from Best Buy!!! So be prepared for regular posting again! I felt so lost without having my camera an updating lol.

    I got the idea for this design from a background I had on my cell phone, which I will upload a picture of shortly. The reason this post is titled Nail Art Challenge is because I was debating whether or not I wanted to have contests on my blog. I had sooo many ideas for different themes that I thought it would be way too hectic to organize contests around all of them. So I decided that I would try nail art challenges instead, where I challenge myself and YOU to create nail art designs based on a theme. For this challenge, try to create a nail art design based off of a background on your phone, desktop wallpapers for your computer, or even the wallpaper on your walls. I will post all designs that I receive on this post, so if you have one that works, old or new, submit a link to your design, along with a pic of the background/wallpaper that inspired you and I will feature the design on this page! =) There is no deadline, so even if you see this months from now, feel free to send your design. The only rule I guess is that it has to be your design, not someone elses.

    I will do these challenges every week or every other week. I figured it would be something fun to do for all the nail art enthusiasts, or if you are just "stuck" and need some inspiration for a new design. If you have any other ideas too, leave them in the comments and I will definitely consider them.

    White Color: Sinful Colors "Snow Me White"
    Blue Color: Sinful Colors "Loves Nails"
    Yellow Color: Sinful Colors "Let's Meet"
    Green Color: Sinful Colors "Irish Green"
    Black Color: Konad special polish in "Black Pearl"
    Konad Plates: M65 & M77
    Bundle Monster Plate: BM19
    Rhinestones: Ebay.com

    The editing for this vid is less than perfect and I had some technical difficulties, but I got it done. There is also an audio swap in progress so I apologize if you have to watch the video in silence until it uploads lol. So now more talking, here is the tutorial I made for this look ...

More Nail Polish!

    After being cooped up in the house for several days I was very happy to finally get out today and do some shopping. Of course I got more nail polishes. My mother and I also stopped at the fair today, but we didn't come across the stand with the beautiful glass jewelry like we did last year :(

    Polishes from left to right-
    Sinful Colors: Happy Ending
    Sinful Colors: Mint Apple
    Sally Hansen: Blue Me Away!
    NYC: Lincoln Center
    Sally Hansen: Gunmetal
    Rimmel: French White

    I picked up some Sinful Colors as you can see, I've never tried them before and I am excited to use the lovely mint green I bought. I thought that the NYC color was brown when I was at the store but when I tested it out at home it was a raspberry color, I'll still keep it but that was a bit annoying. I don't know weather my vision blows or the lights at Target suck, I think it's a combination of both lol. I also am really excited about the Gunmetal color. It's such a nice, dark shimmery grey.

    There are still many more nail polish colors I want to pick up though-

    Gold & Silver (preferably ones that I can use to Konad with, since I opted to not buy the special polishes. They got too many bad reviews from people for my liking so I figured I'd skip out on them and try to find some useable colors on my own).
    Glitter Top Coat (a nice fine one that I can put over designs without it being too cluttery).
    Vanilla (preferably a shimmery one).
    Lime Green (a non shimmery one).
    Dark Green (who knew it would be so hard to find dark green nail polish? I'm trying to fulfill all my color needs without buying any online but it's a pain in the balls sometimes).
    Brown (it's also equally as hard to find brown nail polish -_-).
    Light Pink
    Matte Top Coat
    OPI My Private Jet (the original one)
    Glittery/Shimmery Black
    Sally Hansen Chromes (I know, I know; they are discontinued ;-;).

    Then I think my urges would be sated for a small period of time. Maybe. This is not even mentioning the Illamasqua ones that I know I will never in my life get because they are too expensive, lol.

    At Target I also picked up another one of these nifty plastic containers, I already have two others (one for incense and the other for candles) and they slide under my bed nicely. My box of nail supplies looks a little lonely right now but it won't when I get my Konad special polishes and other nail supplies in the mail :3

    I also just felt like showing everyone the cuteness of my owl slippers. Be jealous.

    And the bracelet I got at Spencers that shows my general disdain for all of human kind XD

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