Konad #2

    I checked the tracking numbers on my Konad special polish last night and it's not moving so I figured I would do one more manicure with my regular nail polishes before they came. I spent a while testing all of my polishes when I first got my Bundle Monster plates, and I found two (both Wet N' Wild brand) that worked for stamping.

    My second time stamping! I didn't put the top coat on yet, I usually like to wait until the next day to do it in case I bump my nails around while they aren't completely dry.

    Polish used-
    Wet N' Wild: Sidewalkers (It was quick dry...and it actually did dry quickly o.o)
    Wet N' Wild: Fantasy Makers Black

    Plate used-
    Bundle Monster: BM11 (and BM16, they both have the same exact flower design on them)

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