Zoya Charla + GOSH Rainbow

    August 31, 2011

    I am not too fond of my shorter nails in this photo, but oh well.....They need to be a tad bit longer (like they are currently!!!) I just generally like longer nails on me!

    This is two coats of Zoya Charla, which is amazing on its own. I have several other polishes that I think look EXACTLY like Zoya Charla, so I hope to do a comparison post this weekend. Also, I added one coat of GOSH Rainbow, which is an awesome orange flaky polish. I think the orange and blue paired together look awesome (in my opinion). 

    And before I removed the polish, I had to try something I seen on ANOTHER bottle of Polish?!. (Click here to view her blog. Its awesome!). I think my line of orange needs to be thinner. I used my polish brush because I was lazy. I should have used my thin paint brush, but again, this was just something I did before removing the polish because I was curious. I like the look but not with this manicure! Maybe too much orange haha!

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