More Nail Polish!

    After being cooped up in the house for several days I was very happy to finally get out today and do some shopping. Of course I got more nail polishes. My mother and I also stopped at the fair today, but we didn't come across the stand with the beautiful glass jewelry like we did last year :(

    Polishes from left to right-
    Sinful Colors: Happy Ending
    Sinful Colors: Mint Apple
    Sally Hansen: Blue Me Away!
    NYC: Lincoln Center
    Sally Hansen: Gunmetal
    Rimmel: French White

    I picked up some Sinful Colors as you can see, I've never tried them before and I am excited to use the lovely mint green I bought. I thought that the NYC color was brown when I was at the store but when I tested it out at home it was a raspberry color, I'll still keep it but that was a bit annoying. I don't know weather my vision blows or the lights at Target suck, I think it's a combination of both lol. I also am really excited about the Gunmetal color. It's such a nice, dark shimmery grey.

    There are still many more nail polish colors I want to pick up though-

    Gold & Silver (preferably ones that I can use to Konad with, since I opted to not buy the special polishes. They got too many bad reviews from people for my liking so I figured I'd skip out on them and try to find some useable colors on my own).
    Glitter Top Coat (a nice fine one that I can put over designs without it being too cluttery).
    Vanilla (preferably a shimmery one).
    Lime Green (a non shimmery one).
    Dark Green (who knew it would be so hard to find dark green nail polish? I'm trying to fulfill all my color needs without buying any online but it's a pain in the balls sometimes).
    Brown (it's also equally as hard to find brown nail polish -_-).
    Light Pink
    Matte Top Coat
    OPI My Private Jet (the original one)
    Glittery/Shimmery Black
    Sally Hansen Chromes (I know, I know; they are discontinued ;-;).

    Then I think my urges would be sated for a small period of time. Maybe. This is not even mentioning the Illamasqua ones that I know I will never in my life get because they are too expensive, lol.

    At Target I also picked up another one of these nifty plastic containers, I already have two others (one for incense and the other for candles) and they slide under my bed nicely. My box of nail supplies looks a little lonely right now but it won't when I get my Konad special polishes and other nail supplies in the mail :3

    I also just felt like showing everyone the cuteness of my owl slippers. Be jealous.

    And the bracelet I got at Spencers that shows my general disdain for all of human kind XD

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