Sephora Nail Bling Black Rainbow

    August 20, 2011

    I went to Sephora on Friday to get a new replacement brush for my Clarisonic face brush. I saw these decals and they looked awesome. I paid $7 for them. Although they look wicked awesome, I was very disappointed. The decals fit my nail width quite nicely; however, the decals buckled (you can really see the buckles in the last photo). In addition, the directions state to file the top down (just like the Sally Hansen Salon Effects), but the decals are somewhat thick and my file did nothing to file it down to fit the length of my nail. I had to bust out the scissors. Also, within a couple of hours some of the "beads" started to pop off around the buckles and the top of the nail (only like 2 or 3 came off but still thats a lot for just putting them on), but I did not use a top coat. Maybe I applied them wrong or something. Anyways, I still think they look awesome! I love the look actually. I kept looking at my nails all day! I bought another design that day too, and I am going to apply them differently to see if I can get rid of the buckles. 

    Has anyone else had a better experience with these?

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