Weekly Nail Blog Round-Up!

    Stacie from KawaiiNailArt had the great idea to do a Weekly Nail Blog Round-Up to feature our favorite nail art designs from the current week. If you wanted to be a part of the weekly round up click here.

    Jen showed us how to use our Konad plates in a more inventive way with this manicure.

    Stacie was in an angelic mood this week with her angel wing manicure.

     Emily let her chocolate tendencies get the best of her with these Cadbury Nails that look good enough to eat!

    To celebrate her starting a blog Claire is having an OPI Giveaway.

    Shella was inspired by furry creatures and this lovely little bear manicure was the result.

     Last but not least, For Your Nails Only's Spring Flowers free hand painted nails!

    And I am pretty sure you are already familiar with my butterfly manicure. If you haven't already here is another look- & I recently went back and made a tutorial so be sure to check that out!

Bundle Monster Full Sized Image Comparrison!

    Wow! Bundle Monster has been updating left and right- it would be so hard to keep up without Cherish keeping me posted! Bundle Monster gave us a little comparrison of the full sized images from their first set and their new set. You can definitley see they are bigger this time around. When I finally get them in my hands, I will do a review asap and compare the sizes from both their sets and the konad plates. They also said that they will be announcing a contest tomorrow so I will update you on that once they let us know more details. =)

French white with blue design

Blue nail-design

New hot trend of spring red long nail-design 2011

Dark lila 60 style nail-design uv-gel

Black and silver glitter powder magic nail style

White hearts french nail-design uv gel.....

Butterfly nail-design

Red nails with white flower design with uv gel

Pink nails with glitter hearts

Vip french white nail-desigb with lila and k.m. design

More Bundle Monster Image Plate Releases!!!!

    Here are the newest pictures Bundle Monster released on their Facebook. The new plates will have a blue covering and they will also have a backing this time too to reduce the sharpness. BM also mentioned that the pricing for this set will be $21.99! This set will have 150 images so you will only be paying $0.14-$0.15 per image, which is pretty much the same pricing as the first set at $0.13-$0.14 per image. If you haven't been following along, this new set will have BIGGER images and should be available in about 2 weeks. More updates to come !!! How exciting is it seeing all 25 images plates? I can't contain myself, I want this new set so bad! I already made swatches that I am just waiting to stamp. lol

Glittery Spring Deco Nail Art Design

    Peach Color: Essie - "Van D'Go"
    Glitter Color: OPI- "Teenage Dream"
    Rhinestones & Butterflies: Ebay.com
    Pearls: BornPrettyStore

    Oh how I wish I made a tutorial for this look, but I really didn't expect it to turn out this good! I wasn't too sure how I was going to like this color combo but I really like the way it turned out. I tried my Essie polish "Van D'go" that I won in Katrina's giveaway and OMG I loved this polish. I am so suprised how well it looked on my skin tone because I don't find many polishes that do. So I was off to a good start, then I added 2 coats of Teenage Dream which really complimented this color. I was also waiting for spring to use my gold butterflies and I figured it would be the perfect time. (Although were supposed to get a snow storm this weekend, crazy, I know) Then after I added the decorations and applied a coat of my brand new bottle of Seche, I was in love. lol I took these pictures with my Mom's camera which is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. and it even has a super macro mode which worked so well for taking nail pics. I am going to have to figure out a way to take more pics with her camera. lol I figured I might as well enter this into ThatsSOfresh's Spring Nail Contest although I didn't plan on it. But I just heard about it, the theme works, and it ends April 1st so this is my last chance to enter. The winner will get a $50 giftcard to WowSoCool. If you want to enter, do it now before it ends!

    UPDATE: I went back and took this design off two nails because I was desperate to make a tutorial for this look. lol I'm going to update the format of my tutorials page and add this to it.

The PERFECT nail art supplies for beginners! & Under $50 !!

    This post is for nail beginners who are interested in nail art and are starting their own collection. With thousands of nail products on the market, it can be really hard to decide which products to purchase. And if you are just starting, it can be even harder to know which supplies to buy first. I have been growing my collection for a few years now but if it was all gone tomorrow and I only had $50, this is what I would buy ...

    The Basic Colors
     The first colors you want to buy should be black, white, and your favorite color. I suggest Sinful Colors "Black on Black" and "Snow me White" for your black and white polishes. They can be bought online for $2.50 on their website or Cherry Culture- OR you can buy them at your local Walgreens for $2.00. Not only are they affordable, but they work very well for nail stamping. Another brand I would suggest is Pure Ice which is also $2.oo at Walmart. I've used both of these brands and the quality is very good for the price & I only had trouble with a few of their polishes. Along with black, white, and your favorite color- buy 3-5 other basic colors like blue, purple, red, green, maybe a gold or silver, or whatever your little heart desires. I would also snag a glitter polish. =)

    Image Plates

    The best deal on image plates that I found are from a company called Bundle Monster. They sell a set of 21 image plates for $17.99. (In a couple weeks they will have also have a new set and I will have to update this post. lol) The image plates contain a total of 133 designs, and with this price, you only end up paying between $0.13-$0.14 per image, compared to Konad which averages $0.99 per image. You might also want to invest in a stamper or else you won't get much use out of your image plates. lol =) I found this one for $3.39.

     The Miracle Top Coat
    Seche Vite is a little miracle in a bottle and can be bought at Sally's for $7.99. I am completley obsessed with this top coat and most nail bloggers will agree with me. Seche is different from other top coats in many ways. Firstly, it is very thick, which provides the ultimate protection for your nail color. Secondly, it dries sooo fast, like less than 5 minutes fast, which is quite unheard of for a polish this thick. Lastly, it provides a mirror-like shine over your nails that will last over a week. Not to mention, Seche Vite will not smudge your nail stamping designs. When applied correctly, Seche makes your nails look amazing. In order to acheive these results, you need to apply a thick coat. Also avoid having the brush touch your nails- you want it to glide over the thick layer of polish you are applying.

    Some Extra Glitz & Glam
    Next I would buy some rhinestones, striper brushes, or any other nail art supply of your choice. Ebay is a good place to find a lot of inexpensive nail art supplies. I also had luck with finding striper polishes in the Dollar Store and some rhinestones at my local craft store. This is the time to buy whatever else you want with the money that is left over. I love anything shiny and blingy so I would go with the rhinestones. Nail stripers would be a good choice too if you wanted to do some freehand work. Abby also mentioned dotting tools, which are great for beginners and are useful in so many ways.

    So after all your purchases this is what you will have and how much it would cost. & I love you girls so much I did all the boring math for you lol. =)

    8 Nail Polishes .......... x$2 .......... $16
    BM Image Plates .................... $17.99
    Nail Stamper ............................ $3.39
    Seche Vite ................................... $7.99
    Rhinestones or Nail Stripers .. $4
    GRAND TOTAL: $49.37

    Is there anything you would add to this list? Anything you would take out? If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I will add them in this post =)

Bundle Monster releases another image of their new plates!!

    Here's the newest image plate Bundle Monster will be adding to their new collection. If you haven't heard- Bundle Monster is releasing a new set of 25 image plates that will have BIGGER full sized images. The first set will still be available & the new set will have similar pricing. They should be available in about 2 weeks and BM recently got their sample plates to test. You can visit Bundle Monster's Facebook page for more info.

    BM also said that this new set will have lots of full sized images and french tip designs- I like the full sized images, but I'm honestly not that into french tip designs. I am still sooo excited for the set and I do like the bottom two designs, along with the leaf one. What about you? Which designs do you like on this plate? Do you like full sized images or french dip designs more?

Cute Pink & Yellow Spring Nail Design & Tutorial

    This nail design was unplanned except for the fact I knew I wanted to do something for Spring. I was searching through my image plates and the flower design on my BM16 plate caught my eye as it always does. I just never used this design because I knew the full image wouldn't fit over my entire nail. (Thank god Bundle Monster will have bigger images on their next set!) But I really wanted to use this design so I figured out a way to make it work. I also made a tutorial if you wanted to know how to do this design. =)

    Yellow Color: Sinful Colors "Unicorn"
    Pink Color: Sinful Colors "Pink Forever"
    Image Plate: BM16 (Bundle Monster)
    Mircro Beads: Ebay.com & DollarNailArt.com

Sparkly & Starry Glitter Pedicure Design

    Blue Color: Milani - "Blue Flash"
    Stars, Rhinestones, & Beads: Ebay.com, DollarNailArt.com, Joanns.com

    I recently bought some new polishes and Milani's "Blue Flash" was one of them. This polish reminds me of a color Alice would wear in her Wonderland. Well this color and OPI's "Absolutely Alice"- but sadly that color isn't a part of my collection so this is the closest to wonderland I'll get. lol The first picture I took in the shade and is more color accurate to this polish. But I just had to see what this color looked like in the sun- which was a light show spectacular-although for some reason my camera picked up a darker less sparkly color. This color was pretty enough to wear on its own, but if you know me, I just had to add something on there. I figured a star design would work good with the colors. What do you think?

New Polish Additions =) & Quick Reviews

    I was checking out Ivana's Blog recently when I chose her nail design for my NOTW and was looking at some of her recent polish purchases and swaps. She is a slightly bad influence on me since we have the same taste in polishes (especially when it comes to pinks and purples) and I just had to get some of the polishes I saw on her blog. =) lol

    Above we have Milani polishes which I was surprised to find at my local Walgreens. The last few times I went there, I don't even remember seeing their Milani displays- but this time I got lucky. Here's what I got...

    Milani - "Purple Gleam"
    Milani - "Gold"
    Milani - "Blue Flash"

    *Close Up*

     Purple Gleam & Blue Flash are part of Milani's "One Coat Glitter" series. I wouldn't say they are exactly one coaters, however, it only takes 2 coats to achieve opaque glittery goodness. Even though 1 coat isn't completely opaque, it would still be too over powering to use as a glitter top coat. These polishes consist of a very fine glitter with a slightly colored base coat from what I could tell. Blue Flash seems to have a clear to light base color, but Purple Gleam seems to have a darker, maybe purple base color. I love both these colors equally- but I have to admit that the purple color is very unique and is absolutely stunning with some top coat. Overall, these are by far my favorite glitter polishes along with Sally Hansen "Rockstar Pink." I never had any glitter polishes that were this jam packed with glitter, and if that is the look you are going for- these polishes would be perfect for you.

    As for Milani's Jewel FX polish in "Gold" - this is a clear polish that is loaded with small hexagonal glitter. It looks very cute over any polish and can add extra sparkle to any nail design. I tried this color out on a swatch wheel over a few colors and it is so pretty. I already have an idea for how I am going to use this polish for a Christmas design. I am not sure how many coats it will take to be opaque- my guess is around 3-4- but I will do some research and update this post when I find out. =)

    Next up are some OPI polishes from the Katy Perry collection that my bf was sweet enough to buy me. =) I found these at Trade Secret (the only place I know where to buy OPI in my state) and these were the two prettiest colors left on the display. I couldn't choose between the two because they were both unique in their own way, so I snagged both. Pictured above is..
    OPI - "The One That Got Away"
    OPI - "Teenage Dream"

    Close Up

    "The One That Got Away" is almost as hard to describe as it was to get a color accurate picture. It's a redish - pinkish - berryish color with flecks of gold and purple shimmer. It's one of those colors that put you in a trance when you move it around in the light. As for "Teenage Dream"- this is a glitter polish with a clear base that has very small fine glitter in a pinkish, purple, mauve color, along with bigger glitter shapes that are silver with rainbow reflects. With the perfect combination of glitter sizes and color- Teenage Dream is a step above your regular glitter polishes. It is more on the sheer side, so it will take a few extra coats to achieve the bottle color. But as you can see from the close up pic, it is well worth it.

    Do you have any polishes from these collections? How are you liking them so far? I really want more colors of the Milani glitter polishes, or better yet, get my hands on their 3D polishes. =)

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