The PERFECT nail art supplies for beginners! & Under $50 !!

    This post is for nail beginners who are interested in nail art and are starting their own collection. With thousands of nail products on the market, it can be really hard to decide which products to purchase. And if you are just starting, it can be even harder to know which supplies to buy first. I have been growing my collection for a few years now but if it was all gone tomorrow and I only had $50, this is what I would buy ...

    The Basic Colors
     The first colors you want to buy should be black, white, and your favorite color. I suggest Sinful Colors "Black on Black" and "Snow me White" for your black and white polishes. They can be bought online for $2.50 on their website or Cherry Culture- OR you can buy them at your local Walgreens for $2.00. Not only are they affordable, but they work very well for nail stamping. Another brand I would suggest is Pure Ice which is also $2.oo at Walmart. I've used both of these brands and the quality is very good for the price & I only had trouble with a few of their polishes. Along with black, white, and your favorite color- buy 3-5 other basic colors like blue, purple, red, green, maybe a gold or silver, or whatever your little heart desires. I would also snag a glitter polish. =)

    Image Plates

    The best deal on image plates that I found are from a company called Bundle Monster. They sell a set of 21 image plates for $17.99. (In a couple weeks they will have also have a new set and I will have to update this post. lol) The image plates contain a total of 133 designs, and with this price, you only end up paying between $0.13-$0.14 per image, compared to Konad which averages $0.99 per image. You might also want to invest in a stamper or else you won't get much use out of your image plates. lol =) I found this one for $3.39.

     The Miracle Top Coat
    Seche Vite is a little miracle in a bottle and can be bought at Sally's for $7.99. I am completley obsessed with this top coat and most nail bloggers will agree with me. Seche is different from other top coats in many ways. Firstly, it is very thick, which provides the ultimate protection for your nail color. Secondly, it dries sooo fast, like less than 5 minutes fast, which is quite unheard of for a polish this thick. Lastly, it provides a mirror-like shine over your nails that will last over a week. Not to mention, Seche Vite will not smudge your nail stamping designs. When applied correctly, Seche makes your nails look amazing. In order to acheive these results, you need to apply a thick coat. Also avoid having the brush touch your nails- you want it to glide over the thick layer of polish you are applying.

    Some Extra Glitz & Glam
    Next I would buy some rhinestones, striper brushes, or any other nail art supply of your choice. Ebay is a good place to find a lot of inexpensive nail art supplies. I also had luck with finding striper polishes in the Dollar Store and some rhinestones at my local craft store. This is the time to buy whatever else you want with the money that is left over. I love anything shiny and blingy so I would go with the rhinestones. Nail stripers would be a good choice too if you wanted to do some freehand work. Abby also mentioned dotting tools, which are great for beginners and are useful in so many ways.

    So after all your purchases this is what you will have and how much it would cost. & I love you girls so much I did all the boring math for you lol. =)

    8 Nail Polishes .......... x$2 .......... $16
    BM Image Plates .................... $17.99
    Nail Stamper ............................ $3.39
    Seche Vite ................................... $7.99
    Rhinestones or Nail Stripers .. $4
    GRAND TOTAL: $49.37

    Is there anything you would add to this list? Anything you would take out? If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I will add them in this post =)

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