Sparkly & Starry Glitter Pedicure Design

    Blue Color: Milani - "Blue Flash"
    Stars, Rhinestones, & Beads:,,

    I recently bought some new polishes and Milani's "Blue Flash" was one of them. This polish reminds me of a color Alice would wear in her Wonderland. Well this color and OPI's "Absolutely Alice"- but sadly that color isn't a part of my collection so this is the closest to wonderland I'll get. lol The first picture I took in the shade and is more color accurate to this polish. But I just had to see what this color looked like in the sun- which was a light show spectacular-although for some reason my camera picked up a darker less sparkly color. This color was pretty enough to wear on its own, but if you know me, I just had to add something on there. I figured a star design would work good with the colors. What do you think?

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