Bundle Monster is coming out with NEW image plates!!!

    After reading Rainbows&Sparkle's most recent post, I learned that Bundle Monster is going to be releasing NEW image plates!! & I just had to learn more!! I did a little research which brought me over to their facebook fan page where I found some more details.

    The next set they will be releasing includes not just 21 but *25* image plates!! According to Bundle Monster, the plates will include "lots of full nail and french tip designs." They also listened to all our feedback and are making the full images on the new plates BIGGER!! Bundle Monster also said the "Launch date will be within 3 weeks or so. We are finalizing the designs; production will take about 2 weeks. Price will be similar to the 21 piece set we have currently. We won't charge an arm or a leg for it~ ;)." If you become a fan on their facebook page- you will be the first to know the release date.

    So who is excited?! I really want to try that flower french tip design on the first plate, it would be too cute for summer & I already have some ideas on how I can use it. =P  I can't wait to get my hands on these!! I am going to be watching their updates like a hawk- so I can get them ASAP & do a review- plus some nail designs of course! Counting down the days now ...

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