100+ followes & some BIG thank yous!!

    If you look a little over to your right, maybe scroll down a little bit, you can see that I finally have over 100 followers!! xx YAYYYY!!

    I originally made a blog to share my nail designs- and also some clothes & makeup along the way. I started blogging pretty much a year ago, but wasn't too into it at first. I was lazy about posting and would update maybe twice a month, take alright pictures, and post so-so nail designs from some of my first Konadicures. lol I would even skip posting some really cute manicures =( - don't worry, nowadays, I would never let a fab. mani go un-photographed. But since Jan 2011- I think it would be safe to say thats when I REALLY got into the whole blogging thing and already posted more in the past 3 months than I have in the past year! Since Jan 2011 is when I would say my blog took off because I was definately more involved. I posted more frequently, talked to more lovely bloggers, took better pics, and not to mention- my nail skills were A LOT better since I started. =D

    But I don't think all my hard efforts alone would have gotten me to 100+ followers in 3 months, so there is definately some people I would like to thank. Firstly is Charming Nails, who is a wonderful nail blogger from Finland. I featured one of her awesome designs on my blog as my Nail Of the Week and she gave me a little thank you shout out on her blog the next day. This was my first mention on another blog & my daily view count has never been that high before! Just from that one lil mention, I got TONS of traffic & some great new followers. So thank you very very much Charming Nails!!! Then on March 10th, I went to check my blogger really quick- and when I did I had around 10 new followers, at first I was just thinking "Wow, people must have really liked those leopard nails I just did..." lol Then after clicking the stats tab- I almost spit my coffee out looking at my view count. Turns out my post about making your own nail polish rack was featured on OPI's Facebook!!!!!! Needless to say- my view count had the highest 90 degree spike I ever seen lol. So a VERY BIG THANK YOU to OPI! I still get traffic everyday from their facebook. =) And last but not least, last night, blogger and follower Rainbows&Sparkles noticed that I was very close to 100 followers and was sweet enough to send some my way!! So now I have 104 followers, which is exactly how many nail polishes I have at the moment, so I am very happy with this number! lol So of course, I owe another big thank you to Rainbows&Sparkles!! THANNKKKS!!! I def. have to admit, that blogging has become my newest addiction other than polish! & how can you not? Seriously, everyone on blogger is soooooo nice & friendly, and it is really true that this is a "community" and one blogger is always willing to help out another one- I love it.

    Actually, there is 104 people to thank, and those are all my wonderful followers!! Thank you so much for following and reading!! All 104 of you are the reason I keep polishing and posting. So THANK YOU for being such an inspiration!! And because I love you guys so much- I am thinking of doing a GIVEAWAY soon!!! Maybe in a month- or when I get 150-200 followers, but we will see how that goes. But I will DEF. have one soon and I am already brainstorming of what I should get for the giveaway! Ooorrr I might just do a smaller giveaway now for my 100 followers & doing a bigger one at 200? Not too sure yet. But I will figure it out and let you know. =)

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