The Smurf's Nail Art and Tutorial

    my kids and i were watching a smurfs marathon on the boomarang channel the other day and it gave me an idea for a nail art thats what i did!

    The design hadto include PapaSmurf,Smurfette and of course the meanie Gargamel!

    Here is a tutorial on how i created this design....hope you enjoy and as always...thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my blog :)

Summer nail-design trend 2011

Nail-design by Alimc-Pinklady


Crazy color nails 2011

Easy but Fun Mani

    As a base color on my nail tips I used a pastel green polish-sry no name or number- but the brand is Claire's- came in a mini pastel polish set

    I applied 2-3 coats...then on top of that i applied China Glaze pink crackle polish - Broken Hearted

    and then with black acryli paint and a toothpick i added small dots across the smile line...and thats it..apply top coat and your done :)

    I broke my pinky finger nail :( ..kind of an eye sore but thankfully it will grow back..and if you hadnt already noticed I cut all my nails to a shorted length

    but anyways like i said its easy and the colors are fun!

    what do you think??

Another phone case I designed-Girly Skull

    I designed and decorated another case for my phone and I am in LOVE with this other one i made was WAY over the top...i still like it but its not for everyone..not everyone into the over kill of rhinestones but this new one i made while it still has rhinestones its no wheres near as much.

    I started off with sculpting a clay skull and baking it

    Once it had cooled down..using acrylic paints and some rhinestones I gave it more details...then glazed it to seal everything in


    As for the case this time i decided to paint it....I drew a series of lines..painted a purple and silver pattern.Once the purple was dried and got a clear glitter polish and paint over the purple..then for the silver sections...once dry i applied nail foil glue,once that dried and applied blue and silver holographic foil to it..I also used black striping tape normally used for nails but i thought it would look good on the case so i added lines to each of the silver sections...then seal it all in with a super glossy finish...once all dry i glues my skull in the center like so

    then with black and clear rhinestones in different sizes...biggest being 3mm I arranged them around the skull and spread them out some what around the case

    And thats pretty much it

    Heres photos of the finished case

    Have I told you that I LOVE this case?

    but what do you think???

Phone case decorating with clay and rhinestines

    I got a new phone not to long ago and so i wanted to jazz it up.I bought a cheap clear hard case off Amazon so i could decorate it.
    I got my polymer clay and sculpted out an Helly Kitty head and also made some flowers too

    First time doing these so i was pretty happy with how they turned out..The one thing I learned about using this clay is that your work surface should be spotless esp when working with white as EVERY little speck of dirt will show in after i baked it and let it cool off completely I then went over it with some white paint to cover up the spots of dirt and dust...look alot better..then once all was dry i then glazes them all to give them shine

    So then what i did next was trace my phone case on a piece of paper and figured out what kind of design i wanted to go with

    sorry pic isnt clearer...took it with my camera phone that auto focuses and well it did a poor job...but you can see well enough of how my design was going to look..So once i had figured that out i got my craft glue and started to decorate my case

    when i was done this is what i had

    Im pretty happy with how it turned out but I did learn a lesson through all can never have to many rhinestones!!..there came a point where i thought i had used up all mine,but thankfully i was able to find some more!!

    so what do you think??? it might be to "busy" for some people and not for everyone but its for fun and I like it

Invader Zim Nail Art + Tutorial

    So awhile back i was looking around on netflix and my daughter saw this cartoon on there named Invader Zim and wanted to watch we did and since then it has become one of her favorite cartoons...but she LOVES Gir!!  so I decided I would do some nail art inspired by the show and on my daughters favorite character Gir

    Im not gonna le...these did take pretty much an entire day to do BUT it wasnt because of the design ,i had to stop alot to take care of my home and kids....but anyways here is a link to my  video tutorial on how I created these nails

    hope you enjoy!

    click link below
    >>>>Invader Zim (Gir) Nail Art Tutorial<<<<

Baby Boy Themed Nail Art

    So to celebrate our Lil Man i did my nails today in a baby boy theme.

    I dont have a tutorial on these as i wasnt sure if people would be interested in a baby themed design as not everyone is knocked but if you would like I will ... :)

    anyways here are photos of my finished design

    I think they turned out super cute!! and like I said before if enough people are interested in a tutorial I will do one!

    and i would also like to take this time to thank everyone for their congrats on our lil bundle of truly means the world to me!! you are all amazing people and i am blessed to know you all <3

19 weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

    So yesterday was our big day in seeing our lil peanut....lil one one is growing wonderfully and looks very strong and full of movement

    And yes we did find out what this baby will be....but first here are some ultrasound photos to enjoy

    And here is the photo that shows us the sex of the baby

    Are you ready??

    Are you sure???

    ok then...........

    BABY'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sadly we cant handle him till Oct 2nd ..and when he does arrive not only does he have mommy and daddy to greet him...but also his big sister and 2 big brothers!!...we are all so happy and im so looking forward to having a new baby in the house again...and my other children are looking forward to their new play

    thanks for stopping by and taking a look at this post...just want to share my joy with the world

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