Prizes from BeautyBurg

    So if you didnt already know...not long ago i was announced the winner to BeautyBurg's Easter Giveaway and today i received my prizes!....I feel soooooo fortunite to have won...never expected to so when i saw she had picked my name i was just floored!!!...I honestly cant thank her enough for picking me!

    so I wanted to share photos of all the goodies i won...its not to brag...just want to share my happiness and excitement !

    here are photos from opening the package and  each item i got

    Here are all the polishes together

    She put everything into this CUTE basket

    She even included candy!!- however as soon as my boys saw it didnt last

    And here is everything she sent me together


    I love EVERYTHING ..still cant believe these are all mine now...and cant wait to start trying each and everyone of them!

    go check out her blog and follow

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