19 weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

    So yesterday was our big day in seeing our lil peanut....lil one one is growing wonderfully and looks very strong and full of movement

    And yes we did find out what this baby will be....but first here are some ultrasound photos to enjoy

    And here is the photo that shows us the sex of the baby

    Are you ready??

    Are you sure???

    ok then...........

    BABY'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sadly we cant handle him till Oct 2nd ..and when he does arrive not only does he have mommy and daddy to greet him...but also his big sister and 2 big brothers!!...we are all so happy and im so looking forward to having a new baby in the house again...and my other children are looking forward to their new play toy..lol

    thanks for stopping by and taking a look at this post...just want to share my joy with the world

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