NEWSPAPER NAIL DESIGN | Super Easy Newspaper Nail Art Design

    I wanted to do newspaper nails ever since I saw them on The Daily Nail's blog but I never quite figured out how to do them. I knew there was rubbing alcohol and newspaper involved but that was about it. The other night I finally found a tutorial showing me how to transfer newspaper print onto the nails. It is super easy to do and you only need some polish, a bottle of liqour (I suggest a clear 60-80 proof), and some newspaper. I found this amazing tutorial on Confessions of a Polishaholic's blog which can be found here. This was my first attempt and as you can see it is not too shabby. I think I like how it didn't transfer on some parts because it gives it that old vintage newspaper feel. I WILL do this design again bc it is just too easy and too cute not to, maybe I'll use a white polish next time....

    Gray Polish: Sally Hansen "Wet Cement"
    Newspaper Tutorial: Found Here

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