Tip Toe Lime Slush + Dried Flowers = Disaster

    August 04, 2011

    This manicure turned into a disaster. It started out well. The lime polish is really bright and fun--a nice summer color! It all fell apart when I put the top coat on. I should have NEVER put the top coat on. It was just to thick and "gathered" up around the flowers forming ripples. 

    Plus, I did not get any good pictures of this manicure. All my pictures were dark and gloomy except for the one up top. I have no idea what happened to my camera settings when I took these pictures haha. Anyways, the base coat is Tip Toe Lime Slush, which is a polish sold at a clothing store called Old Navy. Then I used dry flowers on top of it. Anyways, I think this manicure is cute.

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