Nail Polish Collection So Far

    I got bored today and I figured that I would take a pictures of my nail polish collection and post it on here. The other day I went out and bought as many colors of polish as I possibly could (I got about 11, I think). I had gone through my nail polish collection and it was really barren. I mostly bought cheaper $1-$3 polishes. I chose to spend my money to purchase the Konad special polishes, and then gradually I can buy the more expensive regular nail polishes that I would like. For now this is what I'm going to work with though. As long as I have all the basic colors I'll be good :) I still need to get some more greens and blues and beiges, but I wasn't able to find any when I last went looking. The pictures aren't the best: I was going to take them in natural light but with hurricane Irene around it wasn't possible.

    From left to right-
    Sally Hansen: Crackle Vintage Violet
    Sally Hansen: Crackle Cherry Smash
    OPI: Black Shatter
    OPI: Silver Shatter
    Wet N' Wild: Fantasy Makers Black
    Wet N' Wild: Fantasy Makers Black Magic
    Wet N' Wild: Fantasy Makers Glow

    Rimmel: French Rose
    L.A. Colors: Art Deco Silver Glitter
    L.A. Colors: Art Deco Red Glitter
    Nubar: 2010
    Sally Hansen: Advanced Hard As Nails
    Sally Hansen: Maximum Growth

    Wet N' Wild: Wild Shine White Cream
    Confetti: Margarita Senorita
    N.Y.C.: Times Square Tangerine
    N.Y.C.: Fuchsia Shock
    Milani: Bet On Red
    Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Red Carpet
    N.Y.C.: Big Apple Red

    Wet N' Wild: Wild Shine Caribbean Frost
    Sally Hansen: Hard As Nails Blue It
    Confetti: Belle Of The Ball
    Milani: Purple Passion

    Maybelline: Colorama Steel Wheeling
    N.Y.C.: Sidewalkers
    Milani: Garnet Gems
    Milani: Black Magic
    O.P.I.: Suzi Loves Sydney
    Avon: Wicked Malice

    All 30 of them together. When I'm feeling ambitious and the weather is better so I can take more accurate photos, I'll post some swatches too. I know I don't have any watchers/followers atm. But if anyone out there reading wants to know how one of the nail polishes that I have wears, feel free to ask.

    Next post I will most likely be scanning the plates from the Bundle Monster 21 piece set and posting them up on here. They will be reference photos for when I finally have my etsy up and running.

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