Konad Special Polish Swatches

    Since I have not yet received my false nails, I decided to swatch all my special polishes on paper for now. Sorry in advance for my craptastic manly looking hand writing X3

    And now for individual scrutinizing!

    I put black on black and white on white just because I can, obviously you cannot see them though :P The black is very crisp and so is the white.

    The yellow came out great on the black, I will definitely be able to use this if I wanted to do a star themed Koanding.

    The dark orange you can see somewhat on the black. This would be used on black best with a full nail design, I think. You cannot see wine red at all on the black, which was disappointing ;-; However, it is a beautiful shade of red.

    Violet pearl you can barely see on the black, it would not be worth it to do a design on black with it. It is a very nice purple though.

    Both the blue and the green you have to really focus in on to see them on the black.

    The light gray, which is just a really ugly pastel purple, you can see well on the black. Too bad it's not actually gray.

    I did not have trouble with any of the colors getting picked up by the stamp, they went on beautifully. However it is disappointing how many don't work over black. I have yet to see how they work over different colors but I hope they do because that is the only way they'll be wroth the price. I think once I use these up I might get pastel orange instead of dark orange, and not get the light gray at all. I also plan on picking up the brown and the hot pink special polishes in the future.

    If anyone would like to see a specific special polish over a specific color, I would be happy to swatch it for you, just ask. I know these are expensive and people do want want to just throw money at them without knowing what they're getting. Once I get my false nails we will really see how they work!

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