Zoya Jules

    August 12, 2011

    Back at the end of July, my husband and I stayed out of state for about a week. We went to his sister's wedding. Remember, I did her nails and her bridal party's nails (click here for the post about that). Anyways, the point is I forgot to post the photos of the nails I wore that week. I cut my nails very short because I knew they wouldn't receive any attention for a whole week, and my nails grow REALLY fast. These pictures were taken the day before we left. I was in a rush with packing and everything, so I didn't get that many good photos. They appear somewhat blurry, but oh well. 

    This is two coats of Zoya Jules, which I love!!!! Then I stamped on a pretty design. This manicure held up VERY nicely! At the end of the 7 days, I had very little wear--only tip wear and growth at the base of my nail bed. 

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