Trying to learn How to use acrylics

    so these are designs i have done so far using acrylics..some are BAD!! and some are ok but nothing great.

    this was my first ever attempted at doing a full nail.the flower turned out soooo bad because at the time i had only one brush and it was so fluffy,there was no way i could shape my acrylic the way i wanted.

    Another bad design!!..not sure what i was trying to do

    this one isnt to bad i guess..i was proud of this one because it was the first one i had done that i liked!!

    I really like this.i called it the puppy paw print..the entire design i used acrylics..except for the 2 smaller paw prints.

    this is another one that turned out alright.
    I love the purple however it was a pain to deal with it.i bought the acrylic off ebay,it had no name and no description.

    I dont know really what to say about this one.Its very ugly i know,but i just wanted to experiment and this is what i ended up with.

    now this one i do like alot,but again could have done alot better

    I also really like this design too.the only thing acrylic is the flower and leaf..sometimes simple is good!

    And there you have it!..thanks for taking time out to look at my photos!!

    pls feel free to leave comments!

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