Our Ever-changing Minds

    (Debuting the hands of Brandy Bolton)

    This weekend was full of laughter, fun, AND semi-frustrating moments as I transformed my sister's nails (....and promoted this blog at my family reunion). I embarrassingly admit she turned me into the nail nazi as she fidgeted and continually imprinted her freshly polished nails with her finger print (I mean really, who tries to pour a glass of tea with wet nails). 

    Nonetheless, my sister's nails turned out amazing even though we were a little indecisive, which is why we did a multi-colored french manicure with one leopard print nail (Salon Effects - Real Nail Polish Strips). After much debate, we decided against pairing a traditional red with the leopard print. The base color is OPI Metro Chic, and the tip color is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. 

    Two, three, maybe even four hours later, her nails were finally done... Then we decided maybe we should have used the traditional red after all, so we broke all the nail rules and made one of her pinky fingers red (yes only one). So now she has seven nails sporting the light purply grey color, two nails sporting the leopard print, and one nail sporting a bright red. Sounds a little busy, BUT it actually looked magazine worthy....

    So what do you think of her one lonely red pinky????

    Experiences like these reminds me of why I L-O-V-E being around my sister!!!! 

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