Get Your Sparkle On....

    JUNE 10, 2011

    Today I thought I would show you "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry (boring I know). You can buy this on Amazon for $5.75. I have to admit the color and glitter effect is amazing. When I am outside, it literally looks like I sprinkled shavings of diamonds on my fingernails (the picture really doesn't do it justice). I used two coats, but could have gotten away with one coat. The texture of my nail was rough, not smooth like it normally would be with polish. 

    I have to warn you this polish does not come off without a FIGHT. I seriously used about 10 cotton balls soaked in fingernail polish remover... AND when that didn't really do the job, I resorted to scrubbing with a Brillo pad (no joke).  The point is that it is very difficult to remove. I wanted to post a picture of her "Last Friday Night" color (which is a blue version of this), but it was not worth the effort to remove... If you plan on leaving it on for a couple of days or more, this might be the sparkle you need. 

    I am also including a swatch of a brand called L.A. Colors. This color is "Blue Sparkle". I bought this at Family Dollar just because I liked the color, and I wanted to see how smoothly a $1 glitter nail polish went on. It went on just as well as the Katy Perry collection, but removed easier. This is two coats and sparkled in the sunlight like you would not believe. 

    Well I think I am done with the plain jane nails for a while.... On to the more exciting nails... Stay tuned!!!! 

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