In Memory of QueenBmakeup

    I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing the most wonderful,caring,giving woman!! The one and ONLY QueenBmakeup..a.k.a Ali.
    To know this woman was just a blessing and a great joy! .If ever you had a problem she was always willing to give you a listening ear and talk to you if you wanted.She had a contagious laugh and always had a way of cheering you up.
    I met her last year ..I wish i had gotten to know her longer as i know everyone elses whos life was touched by her wishes they did too. I loved to watch her youtube videos..such talent!! but her talent was more then just makeup..i swear anything she got her hands on she mastered!! and she liked to watch my nail art videos..I once sent her a few items for nail art..and she told me that her and her niece did each others nails,even posted photos sometimes of her nails.
    When i found out i was pregnant Ali was the first person I told (except for my husband) and she was soooooooooooo happy for me..i was in shock,didnt want to believe it ..i just never expected to be pregnant again.but Ali the wonderful friend that she was talked to me about it and was able to change me from being scared to excited.

    I will NEVER forget her,our friendship and the happy memories i have of her.

    So in my own way I wanted to do a tribute/ honor her I decided to get crafty and create something special that i could wear on my this it what i made

    I either want to turn this into a pendant or a ring

    and this MU she did inspired the colors for the flower


    If you would like to see how i created this please keep scrolling down and reading the steps i took along with photos

    I began with a white glittery acrylic powder and shaped out a diamond

    once that dried i encased it in clear acrylic powder and then filed the shape and smoothed it out

    Next i mixed purple,pink and white acrylic powders and sculpted a flower

    then get a little black acrylic and lightly outline the flower like this

    Next i used 2 different shades of green acrylic powders and made leafs

    then using clear acrylic i applied the leafs beside the flower

    with clear acrylic apply to center of flower and while wet apply gold beads

    with white acrylic i then sculpted out a banner

    Once that dried i glued it on under the flower....then with a black and silver mix and clear acrylic I applied those around the banner and up around the flower

    then with white and black acrylic paint I painted the banner

    and lastly with clear UV gel,I applied that over the entire design then put it under my UV lamp for a few minutes.

    And here is the finished piece


    An angel has returned to heaven ..she touched so many lifes!!...and while she is not here with us in body...her spirit remains and she will live on in our memories!!!

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