Pretty Pink & Teal Flower Nail Art Design

    Sorry I have been MIA for a while. =( It's almost the end of the semester, so there are tests and assignments every other day! It'll all be over soon though lol.  Back to the nails- I wanted to do this mani back in Winter and I had to patiently wait to do it. Of course, right after I did this mani it got cold again! lol Oh well, it will get warmer again soon. =) Anyways, I bought the roses that I used for this design from the BornPrettyStore and they came in a pack with a bunch of other nail canes for under $10. Click the link if you want to check them out ..

    Blue Color: Sinful Colors "Savage"
    Rose & Rhinestones: BornPrettyStore &

    I also have some swatches/nail designs and a pedicure that I am going to post this week. Along with another post for storing your image plates. I hope you like the design! I will have another one up in a day or two. =)

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