I received my new set of Bundle Monster Image Plates in the mail today!!!! I was soo excited to finally have these in my hands! I placed my order on April 22nd and received them today, April 26th. The website said I should be receiving them around May 2nd, so I was very happy to get them only 4 days after placing my order. Not only was the shipping was very reasonable but it was also *free.* =)
    TIP: When you first get your Bundle Monster Image Plates, remember to peel off the blue sticker first, or they will not work.

    If you purchased the first set of Bundle Monster Image Plates then you already know that the edges were a bit sharp. On the second set of BM image plates, there is a sticker backing which reduces the sharpness. The sticker definitely helps and you can slide your fingers around the edges without a single boo-boo lol.

    I am pretty sure after the month that BM spent teasing us with pictures of their new plates, you are beyond ready to see the entire set up-close and personal. So here you go, detailed pics of every plate...

    The first plate had a small defect on the edge of the plate that looked like it got scraped. However, it does not affect the image and I can't complain with the price I bought these for.

    On the heart design- one of the hearts is a little rough around the edges. It is a very small flaw though and you can't see it unless you look really close. Click the image above to enlarge it.

    The first set of BM image plates had small full-sized designs that wouldn't cover your entire nail unless they were very short. The new set has BIGGER full-sized images that are comparable in size to the Konad plates.

    First set of Bundle Monster Image Plates.

    New (2nd) set of BM image plates.

    As you can see, the new plates images are bigger and should be able to cover most people's nails. If the Konad full-sized images cover your nails, then this set will too. Overall, I am really liking these so far. I was very happy with the shipping, price, variety of designs, and the improvements BM made to this set. There were a few plates that had minor flaws, but it isn't a big issue for me. I am going to wait to do a full review for these after I used them a few times. I will update this post with my final thoughts in about a week.

    What do you think about the new set? Did you order/receive your set yet? Which designs do you like the most?

    If you had any questions about this set or want to request a design- feel free to do so in the comments. =)

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