Nail Art Haul from Sheba Nails

    I did some online shopping this past week at    ...didnt buy a tone of stuff but they sold some pretty interesting items I was really interested in and have been for some time..I had never shopped from them before so i didnt know what to expect but I have to say im very happy..less then a week after placing my order i got my items in the mail. Shipping wasnt the cheapest..close to $10 but compared to other online stores Its pretty good.

    soooooo what did I get ...well this is my Haul!!

    Not alot of stuff like I said but these will keep me busy for a little while :)

    I got some Odorless Acrylic Liquid (monomer)...have never tried it very excited to try that out

    I got these 2 BEAUTIFUL thinking these are best used with acrylics though but they should work with none acrylic designs too..i will experiment...there are many different color choices to choose from..I only got 2 because I wanted to see exactly what i was buying and now that i know i can see another shopping spree

    Now these are what i was most interested in trying and have wanted to buy these for awhile now ..they are Gel Nail Art Pens...but wasnt sure if they were what i wanted so I finally took the plunge and bought them.Normally I would have just bought 2-3 BUT there was so many beautiful colors i wanted I ended up getting a bunch of them

    they work just like a regular writing pen except they are for nails....once they dry you must put a top coat over them as the design you just did will come off but its no i can describe is they are like and dry like acrylic paints...once dried and left without a topcoat it will crack and fall off in parts ... but I have been playing around with them and i really love them! do need a steady hand so I suggest making sure your arms are comfortably resting on something when using these.

    Here are some Nail designs I created to show you some of what you can do with them

    And lastly.......I didnt expect this but Sheba Nails was very generous in sending me a free sample along with my order...its an acrylic shimmery powder that looks very nice...and i want to add that the sample size is VERY generous!!!!

    And thats it for my off to play leave a comment on what you think <3

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