Snow Leopard Print Nail Design?

    September 16, 2011

    I entered another contest (What can I say....I like to live life on the edge because I'm CRAZY)!!!! Courtney over at An Amateur's Nail Obsession is hosting an awesome contest where you can submit one photo of a manicure inspired by a number of things she listed (I choose animal of course; hence why I did a snow leopard print). There will be two winners! The first one gets to pick three Zoya polishes of their liking, and the second price wins a mystery pack! The contest ends either by the time she reaches 150 followers or Oct 8, which ever one comes first.

    Anyways, this is my entry. I LOVED the design in person. Because I finished this late at night, I did not get any photos in the sun. I just think all my photos look blurry (or is it just me?). I am upset about that. I spent so much time on the manicure. I got so aggravated going through my photos! The print just looks blurry to me! The first photo is the photo I choose to submit because the "pose" resembles Courtney's usual nail pose, so I thought it was fitting! =) 

    Here is my inspiration for this manicure. Taken off of google! 

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