Julep Amy + Julep Cameron + Konad M79

    September 6, 2011

    Most of us are familiar with the Julep Maven boxes (If not, click here). The typical polishes in the first "American Beauty" box is Julep Cameron and Julep Alfre. I decided not to swatch these since the polishes are already featured on many other blogs!

    Instead I got creative--who knew Julep polishes were good for stamping! In addition to Cameron and Alfre, I ordered "Amy" separately-- only because my name is Amy (Yah, I am a dork, but thought it was awesome). Please note that Alfre is not featured in this post. So here is what I came up with! 

    I painted the tips free handed with Julep Cameron. Then I used the Konad m79 plate, Julep Amy, and Kleancolor Black to stamp on the design. In these photos, there is no top coat. I choose to add the top coat after the photos. (The lighting where I take my photos does not like top coat when the polish is stamped directly on the nail. For some reason the top coat/reflection blurs out the polishes and makes it looked smeared or nonexistent). 

     Just some quick photos to show you how I used multiple colors on a stamping plate at the same time!
    Konad M79 Plate

    With Kleancolor Black and Julep Amy added to the plate.

    What the plate looks like after the excess polish is swiped off!

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