Nfu Oh NFU 52 + Bling Nail Art

    September 27, 2011

    Quick post today,  because I am in a rush (It is already 8 pm. I have been playing with my new camera all night--trying to figure out the settings. WARNING!!! RANDOM THOUGHT HERE! I love stalking blogs, but I just feel like I follow WAY too many blogs that I can't keep up with the new post. I try to comment on EVERYONE'S blog just to let them know I visited and appreciate their blog. It is getting to be overwhelming. I guess I am going to start commenting on random blogs every night instead of EVERY blog. Does anyone else feel like this?) .

    This is an old manicure, but I really like it! This is two coats of Nfu Oh 52 by itself (no base color). It is somewhat shear on its own, but nothing where I am like "I need a base coat".  The camera does pick up more bald spots on the nail that you do not see in person. 

    Then I trimmed some "bling nail art stickers" I bought at Sally Beauty Supply to fit my nail. Gotta go! See you soon! 

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