Hot Wired

    I bought one of the Sally Hansen Halloween nail polish strips in Hot Wired a little while ago and I couldn't wait any closer to Halloween to use them.

    I cannot express how much I love these! These are by far my favorites out of the Halloween collection. I used the strips before (in Laced Up) and I loved them too. I didn't exactly put them on right the first time though, but this time I did them a lot better. I really hope they release these every Halloween because I would buy them every year. 

    In other news...I have made about 18 sets of nails over the past week and tomorrow I should have pictures of all of them up on here. I also got many new nail polishes. I'm having a lot of fun decorating fake nails. I sold one set so far and I can't tell you how happy I was making my first sale!

    Have you tried any nail polish strips? How did you like them? I haven't tried any that weren't Sally Hansen but I would if I came across them.

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