GCOCL 12 Piece Image Plate Pictures

    I just got my GCOCL plates in the mail today! I got the 12 piece set. I would have gone for the 18 piece but it was $30 while this one was $16 so it was definitely more worth it to get the 12 piece set. This is the stamper and scraper it came with. I wanted to try a plastic scraper so I'm glad that's the one it came with. The stamper fits into your fingers nicely so I imagine it will be good to stamp with. 

    The infamous Hello Kitty plate! Here it is! On most of the listings for the GCOCL plates, they only show the Hello Kitty plate, with all of the other designs covered, I noticed. I guess it's some kind of marketing strategy but it mostly makes me lol at how crappy they make the listing look that way. 

    I love the rose on this one! I have a thing for roses and I most definitely will get some use out of that. There are A LOT of flower designs on these plates, so if that's your thing then you'll definitely want to get them. 

    More flowers, one with "Hawaii" under it. I don't think I would stamp the Hawaii part but maybe someone going on vacation there or living there would want to? 

    A little fairy! Note the bubbles on this plate, they are repeated on another. Several of the designs on these plates are repeated on others. However, I still do think they are worth the price. They also sell a 6 piece set and an 8 piece set, I don't know which plates come in them but if you're worried about getting a lot of double images then you could go with a smaller set. I believe the Hello Kitty plate comes with it no matter how many of a set you get since that's the main reason why anyone buys the GCOCL plates in the first place. 

    A sheep! And some kind of creepy looking ant creature, lol. I can't see myself using that image but maybe someone else could. The square images are pretty small (I put all my image plates on college lined paper for size reference). I think they would be good for a kids manicure though. 

    Here are those repeated bubbles, and a lot more flowers. I already have some stars from my Bundle Monster set but who doesn't love stars!?

    Playboy Bunny! I'm surprised that through all of my image plate searching no one mentioned that there was a Playboy Bunny image on one of the plates! It's not the same as the original image but it's close enough and I would use it. There is also an adorable little gecko thingy and some designs that I can't tell what they are (there are plenty of those on these image plates lol). 

    A lion! And a clock?....thing?...? I don't even know what that is lol, if anyone can tell me it would be greatly appreciated. The image in the middle is large enough for an adult to use it on their fingernails, but double stamping could be needed. And for some reason there is a British flag with the words "English" underneath it, lol. Even though I won't use some of these at least they are amusing.

    There are two plates I received with tip designs on them, however most of them are similar and I can't say there is anything special about them. 

    Here is the second one. 

    I couldn't tell that the bows were bows at first. I think they would be more noticeable on a nail though. Lots of cute little designs on this one. 

    More flowers and random things that I can't tell what they are.

    Overall, I am satisfied with these plates but I suggest to anyone who wishes to buy them and try them that you get the 8 pack or the 6 pack instead considering some of the designs are weird and doubled. And to be honest, I just bought them for the Hello Kitty design.

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