Bundle Monster 21 Piece Image Plates Pictures

    I'm trying to do a post a day and for today I decided to take a picture of all the Bundle Monster plates from the 21 piece set. I'll do this with every set of plates I get.

     I love the lips so much! I can't wait to do a Valentines day design with them.
     I also have a thing for winged hearts :3
     I will be doing a fall themed design with those leaves. Also I love the kitty cat.
     I've tried many times to do a design where the butterflies didn't look out of place but I have yet to do that lol.

     Weed! lol.
     The crowns and the chandelier are so pimpin'.
     I have this butterfly on each of my big toes right now. I don't usually paint my toe nails anything but with clear polish but they look nice on them.

     I have 9384539 ideas for the chains in my head.
     Halloween plate! And a random lady bug...>.>
     Roses are my favorite flower!
     My mom has a necklace just like the peacock on here so I'm eventually going to do a green and blue peacock nail design for her.

    There they all are!

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