Konad #4

    The only color I felt like using as a base was this one so I decided to do a summer manicure before fall really hits. I wanted to experiment with more of the Konad special polishes other than black, also.

    Polishes used:

    Sinful Colors: Mint Apple
    Konad: Special Polish in Green
    Konad: Special Polish in Blue
    Art Deco: Silver Glitter
    Sally Hansen: Maximum Growth Top Coat

    Plates used:

    Bundle Monster: BM05, BM01, BM03

    Even though the green and the blue special polishes were barely visible over black, I was happy to see at least they came out over this color.

    I used the Konad special polish top coat for my last manicure and it smudged the design a little bit even though I was very careful and waited for it to dry. This time I used my regular Sally Hansen top coat and it didn't smudge it one bit. My SH one is even thickening because I've had it for a while and it still preformed better, and I went over the design several times with the brush while with the Konad polish I just barely glazed it over the design. I will not be purchasing the Konad top coat ever again, that's for sure. Did anyone else have this experience with the Konad special top coat?

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