Brains and Hearts

    I had a $5 extra bucks coupon thing for CVS and I couldn't hold back anymore.

    This has been calling my name ever since I saw them in the store. I love all of the Halloween ones, but this one (along with the orange and white ghosts) was my favorite. I'm going to wear them in October, closer to Halloween but not on Halloween since I already have a nail polish idea for that :] I have yet to find an image plate that has barbed wire on it so that's why I went ahead and bought it.

    I also have the 12 pack of GCOCL plates off of ebay coming to me in the mail right now, so there will be pictures of all the plates when I get them. I ordered 3 China Glaze polishes also that I have wanted for a while, white Crackle and two from the Romantique collection.

    I found these at Target today for $3 each and could not resist. I have wanted a heart shaped mold for the longest time (yes I realize how creepy that sounds). I found the brain once first and then after digging through some more brains and a rat mold I found the heart <3 I almost died with joy. They both come with mix to make gummy candy with them. I got them both since I figured I could make them with my boyfriend the next time he comes over. If I can't wait that long, that's ok too, since we can always make jello with them.

    I love buying all the Halloween crap that comes out every year around this time. It's the only Holiday that I really spend money on because there's always so much cool morbid stuff and that's my kind of thing.

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