Make a wish! Dandelion Nail Art Design & Tutorial!!

    I saw this design floating around on the internet and it was soooooooo cute I just couldn't help but to try it out myself. I love how it is so simple, yet so beautiful. Best of all, this design is really quick and easy to do. While I was at it I made a tutorial for this nail art design as well. Now that I got my both my cameras working again I am thinking of making tutorials regularly. =) In fact, I recorded another tutorial tonight that will be uploaded once it is edited and ready to go!

    Pink Polish: Sinful Colors "Starfish"
    Black &White Polish: Art Deco *bought from my local $ store =)*
    Top Coat: Seche Vite

    After this post I desperately need to update my blog. I need to make a new poll question, update my polish counter, and find another nail of the week design. Even though Nailside's design was well worthy of being featured for about a month lol. She also sent me an email with an article on what to do when someone steels your blog posts. What a sweet sweet girl. =) Thanks again! .. Most of all though, I want to get back to your comments and comment your blogs!! But now when I try to leave comments on blogs, it makes me log in, and then it says that my username doesn't have access to that blog??!! Wtf is that? lol I have to figure out a way around it though because blogging isn't as much fun when I can't comment. lol But enough babbling, here is the tutorial ..

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