Tokidoki Eye Shadow Palette-Birthday Present for myself

    My birthday was on the 6th of July and so I got myself some goodies from Sephora but the main thing I got myself was the Tokidoki just oozed with cuteness and I couldnt pass it up..I got in the Mail today and wanted to show you all just how damn cute it really is and to show you how pretty the eye shadows are.

    So this is what the out side of of the case looks like..its a metal case with a big Tokidoki magnet on it

    then when you first open it there is a sheet of more magnets inside .....on the inside of the lid is a mirror plus this is were you place the magnets and have fun placing them  ..its really cute

    Although i will say that the magnets dont stay on there good but they stay great on the outside of the case

    then under the sheet of magnets this is what you get

    so the thing with the girl dressed as cactus is actually a nail file!

    The pen is a felt tipped eyeliner

    And lastly here are the names and swatches of each eye shadow-- i tried to capture the true beauty of these of these..i came close but they still look so much better in real life

    This whole palette was a steal for the prices...even if i wasnt big on the makeup im still sold on the ever so CUTE packaging and art work..I honestly love this!..all of it!!


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