Summer Time Nail Art Contest _CLOSED

    Im SOO happy and excited to have my first EVER blog Nail Art contest!!..I have done some before on my youtube channel but I thought it was about time I did one on my blog...well now there is!!!

    So before I bore you with the rules...I will first show you what is up for grabs!!

    This contest was VERY generously sponsored by Bundle Monster!!..they sent me enough items to sponsor 2 Winners...First place and a Second place...

    The first place winner will win these amazing goodies!!

    their 25 piece Nail Art Image Plates

    I didnt want to open the packaging but here is an image of what is on all the plates

    But thats not all!!..not only could you win the image plates but also an assortment of Rhinestones (2 wheels)  AND Fimo canes

    An amazing assortment of great prizes right????


    And here are the prizes for the Second Place winner
    (not as much but still very nice!!)

    You receive Bundle Monsters 21 piece set of Image plates

    Again I didnt want to open the packaging but here is an image of all the designs on each Plate

    You will also receive 1 assorted rhinestone wheel and an assortment of fimo canes


    so just to recap..heres are all of the prizes for 1st place

    And all the prizes for 2nd place

    I personally want to thank Bundle Monster for sponsoring this contest so very generously!! I never expected so much !!

    If you dont know who Bundle Monster is PLEASE go check them out

    Their website is

    Follow them on FaceBook

    And while your at it..follow them on Twitter!/bundlemonster

    ======================================== its time to get serious!..i hate rules but there has to be some

    So the theme for this Nail Art Contest is...


    so basically bright and colorful can be anything summer related like the beach,vacation,flowers growing...anything to do with summer

    I am NOT looking for tutorials!!

    I want you to take a CLEAR and focused photo of your finished design..WITH!! your name on a piece of paper OR you could right your name across your fingers...this is so I know the work is yours and not stolen from someone else!

    Official Rules Are

    1- One Entry per person
    2- MUST be a follower of my Blog
    3-Photo MUST have your name included -either on a piece of paper or can be written on your hand
    4- Email your entry to this email address
    5-Photo should be clear and in focus
    6- Nail Design should be a minimum of 5 nails -both fake and real nails are allowed
    7- Nail Art Stamping is allowed BUT should only be part and not all of your design
    8- must be a new design for this contest

    This contest is international!!

    also this contest will run for 1 Month
    starting today July 4th 2011 and ending on August 4th 2011
    IF i dont get enough entries I will extend the contest out a little long

    I think I have covered everything but if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section and I will make sure to answer :)

    so I hope you all like this contest and enter..these really are fantastic prizes so get those entries IN!!!

    I will judge the entries..and possibly get some help...this will NOT be a voting contest

    Very excited to see all your entries!!

    **disclaimer** all prizes shown have been sponsored..i did not purchase any of these items

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