Dragon Fly Nail Art

    July 07, 2011

    You can click on any picture to enlarge. 

    This manicure was simple but fun. I used three coats of Claire's Lilac Shimmer Rose Polish as a base coat (click the link to view online). The polish color was hard to capture on camera because the sun kept washing out my hand and almost made it appear as if I wasn't wearing a polish at all. I was able to capture the color in some pictures.  The polish has a pearly, shimmery appearance to it. 

    Then I just applied the SuperNail Dragonflies Appliques I got from Sally's Beauty Supply (click here to view online). When I placed the dragonfly accessory on my nail I made it have a 3D effect on purpose. I wanted it to look like the dragonfly was actually "flying". I could have made the accessory flush with my nail as if it was a sticker or a stamp. Because I change my polish often, I wanted the wings to be raised. So what do you think of it?

    Here are some more photos...

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