Sigma Make Me Up -Purple Brush set-My Experience and its not all good!!

    So for my big present on Valentines Day my husband was so nice in buying me new brushes from Sigma.I was sooooooooo excited to get my hands on these as they looked really nice and purple is one of my top favorite colors!

    Shipping was good ..they arrived pretty quick so i was very happy with that...and when I opened up my package and took the set out of the box this is what I saw

    And inside was................

    And here is what the brushes look like

    They look so beautiful in real life!! I was like a little girl again full of excitement!! So like with any brush before you use it you should wash them...and thats exactly what I did.

    I started washing them in mild soapy water and everything was fine ...UNTIL i started washing the F30 (large powder brush) and i notice the soap turning purple! got so bad i swear it was like washing purple dye out of my hair!!

    I took a photo of what happened to my towel after 2 washes...the small stain was from the first wash and the bigger stain is from the 2nd wash

    I dont have alot of experience with alot of different brands of brushes but to me this just didnt seem right so I posted a pic on my twitter asking my friends if this was normal and the response from everyone was pretty much no!! so then Sigma told me to contact them via email for a replacement...and of course i did and im very happy to say shortly after my replacement brush arrived

    So Washed this one and had no problems thank god!!!.I was so thankful for the replacement and seen as im a paying customer it was the right thing to do to send me a new one.

    ah but sadly my story doesnt end there

    So almost 2 weeks has past since receiving my set and im only getting around to using them,so i go to use my pencil brush to use it and I notice its doing a very bad job as to what im used to so i get my other pencil brush from Sigma -its the regular black handled one - and i line them up side by side and i noticed that the shape of my new one is way off from my regular one..the new one had a very pointed tip to it and looked in parts to have a very chunky cut to again i contacted Sigma..this time they responded saying well all our brushes are hand made so they will be a little different for each brush so its up to you what you want to do.....i wasnt to happy by that...its not like im looking for a hand out..I had a genuine complaint ,I sent them a photo of what it looked like which i think they never bothered to look at but you could see there was more then a little a paying customer i dont think its right they left it up to me,they should have just sent me another I replied again telling them my problems with it and that i wasnt very happy so then they replied again asking for my shipping info and they would send me another replacement

    Here is a photo of all 3 pencil brushes i own from Sigma.
    The first one is from their regular line,the second one is the brush i had issues with and the third one is the new replacement brush

    I can see it as clear as day...whether you can or not i dont know but again as a paying customer i should be happy with my purchase but i wasnt!!


    So my over all experience is...I do like Sigma,I have bought from them before,had no problems then and didnt expect any this time either.They're brushes work great for me ...however ..this time around i have to say i was very unimpressed! I can deal with one issue with my brushes but 2 in the same set?? that excitement I got when i first got them went away when i first encountered the purple dye issue...but yeah ok they replaced it for me which was great but then to have another issue with another brush from the same set really put a downer on how excited I was for them..Im happy they replaced the one i had issues with but the way I see it is it shouldnt have happened in the first place.They arent the cheapest of brushes...nor are they the most expensive but when you pay out a large amount of money you expect the quality to be there but sadly for me it wasnt....I know alot of other people who swear by them...tell you they are the best brushes out there!! and I'll admit i did kinda feel that way about them...BEFORE this whole experience...but now not so much.IF i ever buy from them again it wont be anytime soon!!

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