Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars

    So recently I bought 2 Lip Tars from OCC.I had very purchased from them before but have wanted to for a long time so finally i did last week. I only bought 2 ..this time and trust me I will be buying more in the future!!.The colors are extremely pigmented and a TINY bit goes a very long way!!. You apply them with a lip brush and its like your applying lip gloss but the great thing about these is they arent sticky on your lips like most glosses are.feels very natural which is something i truly love!! I am not a big lipstick/gloss fan to be honest but i do very much like these and feel very comfortable wearing them...the down side is they do bleed..BUT outlining your lips and filling them in with a lip pencil before apply your lip tar should stop it from bleeding.

    So the 2 colors i bought are Memento and Strumpet.

    This is Memento

    And here is what it looks like on my lips-- the photo was taken in natural daylight on a cloudy day


    And here is Strumpet

    And this is it on my lips...again this photo was taken in natural day light on a cloudy day

    so far I am loving these...and they are well worth the money,but $13 each isnt all that expensive so for the quality of these its a steal !!

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