Pregnancy fashion - looking good and not over spending

    So this is not my usual type of blog post i know but because i am pregnant I want to share my journey with you ..if you are interested that is...are you?

    Im not far into my pregnancy but because of the bloating which happens in the first trimester and plus the fact i never lost all my baby fat from my other pregnancies...well my regular clothes became tight on me.I was surpised as i thought i was safe for a few more weeks but i was so very wrong!
    So I needed to get some maternity clothes but I was not willing to spend a small fortune on them...i dont even spend alot on my regular clothes.Its not that im cheap its more i like deals and who doesnt!

    So I came across a site called Motherhood Maternity and was very much surprised at their prices and the selection of clothing to choose from.I had seen other sites that wanted god awful amounts of money for their clothing items so when i saw this site and their prices i was extremely happy!

    So because i have never ordered from them before (honestly i have never bought any clothing online before) I ended up buying just a few items from their site to see if i liked their clothing in person plus to see if all that i ordered would fit and im very happy to say i like what i bought very much and that they do fit....for now :)

    So this is what i bought

    (above photo) a very light weight top that is perfect for summer.It has adjustable straps and you can tie it off at the back to make it a more snug fit.Its very comfortable.Usually when i wear a low cut top like these i tend to feel naked or im going to expose but with this top i didnt feel that at stays in place and i love that!!this top cost $19.99.


    (above photo)

    I LOVE LOVE this top!! feels sooo soft on the skin and also very light.It has a snake skin pattern as you can see and it looks just as good in real life as it does in the photo.its a free flowing top with no adjusting..but trust me it doesnt need it.A very comfortable top and for the price tag of $14.99 you really cant do better that!

    And finally

    A pair of pants is VERY important!! so i ended up buying these.they have a light skin toned stretchy fabric that covers your belly but is kept hidden by your top so all that people see are the denim .The jeans them selfs have a stretch to them but not a whole lot.They are a boot cut jean and are every comfortable .I spent $34.99 on them which i think is a very good price!

    So that is all that i bought...not alot but enough to tell me that i need to buy more from them! I bought is in the size of XL.when Im in the 3rd trimester these will NOT fit me.I havent been a small weight for many years ...but if i wore a size small- medium i think especially small these clothes would fit through an entire pregnancy.

    The site offers sizes from small to XL and there is also a plus size section...not as many to choose from in the plus size and also not as stylish but still good prices.

    If you would like to go check them out here is the website


    but anyways just wanted to share my find with you.

    UPDATE ON MY PREGNANCY-- not to much to tell at the moment..just been feeling very tired ,im nauseous most days and have a very sore back.but i cant let it slow me down..i have my other babies to look after and my home.

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