My Valentine Nails + Happy Valentines Day !

    First I want to wish you all a VERY happy valentines day.Hope you all have a wonderful day!
    My hubby spoiled me over the weekend with these yummy goodies

    He is so good to me.Im a very lucky woman to have such a wonderful man in my life.I never thought I find someone who could put up with me for the rest of their will be married 10yrs this July.The years have flown by.We have had our fair share of hard times and we made it through.I dont know what the future will bring but i know that together we will make it through it!


    And here are my Valentine Nails

    I dont have a tutorial for these...sorry.I havent been feeling good for awhile most days.Im hoping soon i can get around to start making new tutorials

    but let me give you a run through of what i did and used

    for the hello kitty checkered design on my ring finger and thumb i used water decals that i picked up on ebay awhile ago.they work pretty much like a stamp..I cut them to shape of my nail.submerged it in water for about 15 sec then peeled off the decal from the paper backing,with a tweezer i placed it on my nail.held it in place while it dried.--not very easy as at times it will lift-- i ended up put a very thin layer of clear coat under neat which helped alot.then after it dried i applied a top coat,then filed off the over hanging parts of the decal,then applied another layer of top coat to seal it all in.

    then to decorate it I placed a peal heart,then surrounded that with silver beads.Added on some 1mm rhinestones to each side of the heart and lastly applied a small rhinestone heart above the pearl and a 1mm clear rhinestone above that.

    for the rest of my fingers its really simple...apply black to the tips and shape them whatever way you want...then apply clear and pink rhinestones..add 2mm first and 1mm rhinestones.....apply top coat and your done

    thank for stopping as always and again HAPPY VALENTINES!!! <3


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